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For CBS’ SWAT series fans, here is everything to know about its upcoming Season 8.

The show follows a Los Angeles SWAT team as they work to keep the city safe. Its storyline also heavily focuses on the tensions between local communities and the police force, with many feeling that cops themselves are not the good guys.

When Will SWAT Season 8 Release?

SWAT Season 7 Finale

As reported by Deadline, in April 2024, SWAT was officially renewed for Season 8 for the 2024-25 television season.

It's been a wild year for SWAT. In May 2023, CBS canceled the series after Season 6. However, a few days later, the network reversed the decision, renewing the series for a seventh season that they deemed its "final" season. 

Fast-forward to April 2024: After a shortened 13-episode season drew a decent audience, CBS renewed the series for a "surprise" Season 8. 

Shemar Moore will continue to star and serve as executive producer.

Season 8 is set to consist of 22 episodes, which is roughly the same amount that each of the show's first six seasons comprised of.

Given that similarity and how previous runs have SWAT premiered between September and November, a similar release timeframe should be expected for Season 8 later this year.

Who’s Cast in SWAT Season 8?

While the full cast of SWAT Season 8 is not yet confirmed in full, these are those who are expected to appear.

[ SWAT Season 7 Cast, Characters & Actors ]

Shemar Moore - Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson Jr.

Shemar Moore as Hondo in SWAT

Shemar Moore plays Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson Jr., the leading character of SWAT who has been with the show since the beginning. It should be no surprise to learn that he is confirmed to be leading the show once again for another season.

The Season 7 finale saw Hondo having trouble dealing with the constant barrage of pressures and problems on the job while also dealing with backlash from his community for a recent shooting of his. This leads to him pulling off a somewhat reckless move to stop a major threat to Los Angeles, which he successfully pulls off.

Moore can also be seen in The Young and the Restless, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, The Death of Superman, and more.

Jay Harrington - David Kay

Jay Harrington as David Kay in SWAT

David Kay, played by Jay Harrington, is a long-time veteran in the SWAT team who loves his job and submerges himself in it whenever possible.

While it recently looked like he was on the way to retirement, even having turned in the official paperwork, the Season 7 finale revealed that he is not going anywhere yet.

Some of Harrington’s previous roles include stints in Suits, Better Off Ted, and Private Practice.

David Lim - Victor Tan

David Lim as Victor Tan in SWAT

David Lim’s Victor Tan is another member of the SWAT team who has been with the show since the very beginning. The native Chinese American is from South Los Angeles and can sometimes be extremely stern and rigid.

Fans can see more of David Lim in Quantico, 5th Passenger, and Hollywood Heights.

Patrick St. Esprit - Robert Hicks

Patrick St. Esprit as Robert Hicks in SWAT

Robert Hicks, played by Patrick St. Esprit, is a senior officer on SWAT in LAPD’s Special Operations Bureau. He’s the one leading most of the operations from the command center.

While he has been chastised for not caring about the city or the officers under him before, those accusations quickly get under his skin, and he is adamant that they are not true.

Esprit has a long list of projects on his resume, including The Fate of the Furious, Narcos

Anna Enger Ritch - Zoe Powell

Anna Enger Ritch as Zoe Powell in SWAT

Anna Enger Ritch's Zoe Powell is a police officer who first appeared in SWAT’s fifth season. Not long after, she became an official member of SWAT. 

Her first introduction to audiences showed off Powell’s more reckless and arrogant side. This quality has admittedly saved lives at this point.

The actress also has roles in Walker, Chicago Med, and The Haunting of Hill House.

Rochelle Aytes - Nichelle Carmichael

Rochelle Aytes as Nichelle Carmichael

Nichelle Carmichael is the wife of Hondo, to whom she has a daughter with named Vivianne. She cares deeply about her community while also juggling a job as a police performance auditor.

Sadly, Deadline reported that Aytes will no longer be a series regular in Season 8, though she will likely stay aboard in a recurring role instead.

Aytes can also be seen in the fan-favorite horror film Trick ‘r Treat, as well as The Purge television series.

What Will Happen in SWAT Season 8?

SWAT Season 7 Finale

The first storyline that will undoubtedly continue to play out in SWAT going forward is Hondo dealing with the fallout of his recent shooting. The shockwaves of that event probably won’t settle for quite some time.

Then there is David Kay, who was almost retired. Odds are that continuing the job longer than planned will likely cause some struggles in his personal life, especially relating to his wife and her career needs–even if her sister can watch the kids for a bit.

One thing fans should be able to expect is that, as reported by Deadline, the show will be adding a new female SWAT team member in a recurring guest star capacity. This character also has the potential to become a series regular, though that remains to be seen.

SWAT is now streaming on Paramount+.

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