Full Cast of SWAT Season 7 Episode 11 - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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SWAT Season 7 characters

SWAT Season 7 moves forward into Episode 11 behind Shemar Moore and a cast of characters setting up the explosive end to this season.

SWAT's latest episode (titled "Whispers") sees one of the group's core members become a one-man show to save someone new in his life while the series leader deals with a home invasion situation.

This comes amid multiple characters' exits from the series, which came before confirmation that Season 7 would not be the end of the line for the Los Angeles-based law enforcement team.

Season 7, Episode 11 of SWAT first debuted on CBS on May 3 before starting its streaming run on Paramount+.

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Every Character & Actor in SWAT Season 7, Episode 11

Shemar Moore - Daniel "Hondo" Harrelson

Shemar Moore in a dark shirt and jacket as Hondo in SWAT
Shemar Moore

Just like the first six seasons, Shemar Moore is back in the headlining spot for SWAT Season 7 as Daniel "Hondo" Harrelson, the leader of the Los Angeles Police Department's (LAPD) 20-DAVID SWAT team.

Episode 11 puts Hondo in the middle of a terrifying situation as his home is broken into and destroyed after a night out with his wife and baby.

On top of his personal trauma, Hondo steps into action with the rest of his SWAT team to take down a team of gunmen who took hostages at a fancy awards ceremony.

Moore is best known for his work on Criminal Minds as Derek Morgan, with 253 episodes and 12 years of work on that series. He can also be seen in Diary of a Mad Black Woman and The Young and the Restless.

David Lim - Victor Tan

David Lim wearing a black suit coat white dress shirt as Victor Tan in SWAT
David Lim

Longtime SWAT veteran David Lim takes on a leading role in Season 7, Episode 11 as Victor Tan, an officer in Hondo's SWAT team.

While attending an awards ceremony and party for a new love interest, David has to become a solo act with the party being taken hostage before he saves the party attendees.

This situation also puts his new relationship into a new perspective, as he and his new partner hope to keep things casual before their situation abruptly changes.

Lim also plays supporting roles in Quantico, 5th Passenger, and Hollywood Heights.

Patrick St. Esprit - Robert "Bob" Hicks

Patrick St. Esprit wearing a blue suit, white dress shirt and blue tie in as Bob Hicks in SWAT
Patrick St. Esprit

Leading the way for Hondo's team of agents in Season 7 is Commander Robert "Bob" Hicks, portrayed in the series by Patrick St. Esprit.

Episode 7 sees Hicks entangled in a conflict with a colleague who believes he tried to get him kicked off the SWAT team more than 20 years ago.

However, he also uses another experience from his younger days to help resolve another escalating situation bringing unnecessary conflict to his work life.

St. Esprit's past performances can be seen in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, We Were Soldiers, and Draft Day.

Anna Enger Ritch - Zoe Powell

Anna Enger Ritch wearing a dark shirt and dark jacket as Zoe Powell in SWAT
Anna Enger Ritch

Anna Enger Ritch is a longtime part of SWAT's cast, reprising her role in Season 7 as LAPD Officer Zoe Powell.

Taking a backseat in Episode 11, Powell assists Hondo and Lim during the hostage situation, although she also helps Lim on a more personal level.

Seeing Lim maintain his desire to keep his new relationship casual, Powell urges him to realize he might be letting something good slip away from him with that mindset.

Ritch can also be seen in The Haunting of Hill House, Chicago Med, and Hawaii Five-0.

Rochelle Aytes - Nichelle Carmichael

Rochelle Aytes wearing a blue, green, orange, and white dress and an orange jacket as Nichelle Carmichael in SWAT
Rochelle Aytes

Coming into the fray as Hondo's love interest and wife is Nichelle Carmichael, played in SWAT by Rochelle Aytes.

In Episode 7, Carmichael and her husband quickly find themselves victims of a home invasion as the pair try to figure out who wants to hurt them and why.

She realizes the situation ties back to one of her old colleagues who felt she had wronged him, leaving Hondo increasingly worried about her safety as they learn how to trust one another.

Other major credits on Aytes' resume include White Chicks, Madea's Family Reunion, and Trick'r Treat.

David Rees Snell -  John Burrows

David Rees Snell wearing a grey suit, white dress shirt, and black tie as Detective John Burrows in SWAT

David Rees Snell makes his 20th appearance in SWAT as LAPD Detective John Burrows, who occasionally assists Hondo's team with cases in the LA area.

This new episode sees Burrows working closely with Hondo after his home invasion, eventually identifying the man behind the crime and helping to locate him.

Fans can also see Snell's work in The Shield, Last Resort, and Major Crimes.

Emily Alabi - Olivia Navarro

Emily Alabi wearing a blue dress as Olivia Navarro in SWAT
Emily Alabi

Making her second appearance in SWAT Season 7, Episode 11 is Emily Alabi as Olivia Navarro, who started a casual fling with Victor Tan during the events of Episode 8.

Receiving an award in Episode 11 for her work as a journalist, she assists Hondo and his team in figuring out who attacked her awards ceremony.

She also comes to terms with how serious her relationship with Tan truly is, especially after initially accepting a job that would take her overseas to the Middle East.

Alabi also plays roles in Magnum P.I., Joe Pickett, and FBI: International.

Walter Fauntleroy - Bruce Martin

Walter Fauntleroy wearing a grey shirt and dark grey jacket as Bruce Marin in SWAT
Walter Fauntleroy

Walter Fauntleroy returns to the antagonist role in SWAT Season 7, Episode 11, as he reprises his character Bruce Martin.

Bruce is a former colleague of Nichelle who ambushed her office at the community center before breaking into her and Hondo's house and holding her hostage.

He blames Nichelle for not getting a second job after Nichelle refused to write a reference that could have gotten her arrested, which led to him getting kicked out of his house.

Fauntleroy can also be seen in The Mist, Grey's Anatomy, and The Young and the Restless.

Louis Ferreira - William "Buck" Spivey

Louis Ferreira wearing a dark dress shirt as William
Louis Ferreira

Louis Ferreira makes his 9th appearance in SWAT Season 7, Episode 11 as William "Buck" Spivey, a former LAPD sergeant and SWAT team leader.

Spivey meets up with his old boss, Hicks, for drinks in this episode to reminisce about old times before the conversation turns to one of their fellow colleagues who is missing from the bar.

Ferreira also boasts credits in Bad Blood, Stargate Universe, and Breaking Bad.

Peter Onorati - Jeffrey "Jack" Mumford

Peter Onorati wearing a dark dress shirt as Jeffrey

Another former LAPD sergeant/SWAT team leader comes back into the fold in Season 7 with Peter Onorati's Jeffrey "Jack" Mumford, whose team used to work closely alongside Hondo's.

Mumford gets into a heated confrontation with Hicks over the belief that Hicks wanted him removed from the SWAT team, causing a major rift between them after decades of friendship.

Onorati's biggest projects include This is Us, Goodfellas, and Cop Rock.

Nic Bishop - John Mulcahy

Nic Bishop wearing a black shirt and dark jacket as John Mulcahy in SWAT
Nic Bishop

Another main antagonist of SWAT Season 7, Episode 11 comes via a performance by Nic Bishop, who plays ex-Royal Marine officer John Mulcahy.

Having moved on to a security company, he and a team go after Olivia after finding out she has details on an investigative news story that could expose their wrongdoings on a grand scale.

Bishop's past credits include Truth Be Told, Snowfall, and Covert Affairs.

The first 11 episodes of SWAT Season 7 are now streaming on Paramount+.

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