2025 Superman Movie: James Gunn Reveals the Exciting Scene He Just Filmed

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David Corenswet as Superman concept

DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn pulled back the curtain on the first scene he filmed as the director of his new Superman movie debuting in 2025.

Gunn set the DC fandom ablaze on the Man of Steel's birthday, sharing the first look at the official logo for David Corenswet's hero while confirming filming is underway on the DCU solo film.

Bringing together a cast full of rising stars, including Rachel Brosnahan and Nicholas Hoult, Gunn also confirmed a change to the movie's title, dubbing it simply Superman rather than Superman: Legacy.

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James Gunn's First Scene Filmed for 2025's Superman

Following the start of filming for 2025's Superman, director James Gunn spoke with Norwegian outlet VG about the first scene he shot for the new movie.

Gunn confirmed the start of filming in Svalbard, Norway, as he began shooting material for Superman's Fortress of Solitude in the DCU.

Translated from Norwegian, Gunn noted wanting somewhere "that was beautiful and felt like being in the middle of the Arctic," crediting the city for having a landscape "that you won't find anywhere else:"

"We have filmed the first scenes [in Svalbard] which show Superman fleeing to the Fortress of Solitude. We wanted a place that was beautiful and felt like being in the middle of the Arctic, so we looked at several places in the world. But there were many things that sold Svalbard for us over the other places. First, there is the natural beauty. But there's also the fact that you'll find a varied landscape here that you won't find anywhere else. Nature gives a special feeling."

Fortress of Solitude Superman
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This comes after Gunn and VFX artist Stephane Ceretti were confirmed to have visited Norway in October 2023, with many fans presuming they were scouting locations to use for the Fortress of Solitude.

Fans are expecting the Fortress to already be an established location in the film as Superman is confirmed to not be an origin story within the DCU.

This also ties back to the aforementioned first picture of the Superman logo, which was shown with snow falling in front of it, indicating a big role for the Fortress.

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How Long Will Filming Take for 2025's Superman?

After Superman avoided any production delays from 2023's strikes, filming will more than likely move forward for the better part of the next four to eight months, almost certainly finishing in the summer or fall of 2024.

As for the Fortress of Solitude itself, fans will be curious to find out just how big of a role the locale plays in the movie, especially with so many other heroes being introduced alongside Clark Kent.

This icy hideout will be a key plot device in Superman as the DCU shows fans his base of operations, which might not be quite a safe haven with the threat of Brainiac (the film's rumored main villain) and Lex Luthor lurking over the horizon.

On top of that, with Superman being the first official story in the new DCU canon, locations like the Fortress and Metropolis will help set the stage for how this new franchise feels compared to its predecessors. 

Superman is currently filming and will debut in theaters on July 11, 2025.

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