James Gunn's Superman Movie: First Look at Logo Possibly Revealed (Photo)

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David Corenswet as Superman wallpaper

A new look from the production of James Gunn's Superman: Legacy might have offered fans their first look at the film's take on the titular hero's iconic logo.

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Superman Gets a New 'S'

A new image from Superman: Legacy star Isabela Merced, who plays Hawkgirl in the film, showed fans what seems to be the first look at the 'S' fans will see on Clark Kent's chest.

The glimpse comes in the form of an image from Merced's Instagram story that showcases her nametag from the production's recent table read.

Isabel Merced nametag from Superman Legacy table read
Isabel Merced

Here is a clearer, crisp look at that version of the logo in all its glory.

Superman: Legacy

The 'S' is originally from the fan-favorite DC storyline Kingdom Come.

The four-issue series took place in the near future, with a new generation of heroes leading the charge. The twist is that they have lost their moral compasses, leading the Justice League to return and fight for the very definition of heroism.

Superman: Legacy

Is Kingdom Come On the Horizon?

This is not the first time James Gunn has referenced Kingdom Come.

Back in November 2022, Gunn shared a panel from the comic run as he teased he was "making plans." Interestingly enough, it was revealed in 2023 that an animated adaptation of Kingdom Come was blocked from being created in the first place.

As for whether or not this means a direct adaptation is on its way, it might be good to wait to jump to that conclusion.

Instead, Gunn is likely pulling from that run's general vibe and presentation of various characters. The more intense, reckless version of some heroes certainly lines up with something the filmmaker would do.

After all, The Authority is one of the first DCU movies coming up, and it follows a team of vigintiles whose brand of justice is a little harsher than the average superhero. Some of that group will first appear in Superman: Legacy, such as María Gabriela de Faría's The Engineer.

Superman: Legacy hits theaters on July 25, 2025.

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