Jack Black Accepts New Superman Role from James Gunn In Hilarious Video

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Jack Black Superman

In a new Instagram video, Jack Black teased the hype surrounding the highly anticipated casting of Superman in the new DCU by accepting the role himself.

Casting for the Man of Steel has been at the front of DC fans' minds since Henry Cavill's official departure from the role and the announcement of James Gunn's Superman: Legacy. Rumors about the new star's age, the film's story, and more circulate internet circles, dominating the minds of Super-fans.

It now seems that Jack Black is not exempt from this cultural obsession with new information about the reboot, thanks to a new satire video posted on his Instagram.

SuperJack Takes the DCU!

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... Jack Black?!

The comedic star took to Instagram Saturday with a humorous announcement that he would seemingly be playing Superman, according to a fake call with James Gunn himself.

Jack Black Superman

The video opens with Black sleeping in a poolside daybed before getting a call. He answers the phone with a faux-casual "What’s up, Jamie Jamie Gunn Gunn? I was just taking a napskie."

Then, "Gunn" on the other end of the phone seems to drop the bomb and give Black the ever-important question, prompting Black to respond, saying "I’ve already played all the superheroes," before reluctantly accepting: "All right, goddamnit."

Jack Black Superman

With his music behind him, Black goes up, up, and away in a slew of silly practical effects, all while narrating his "laser vision," and showing off his superspeed and fighting prowess.

The video ends with him laying on a table as his dad ripples his cape behind him, saying "faster, Dad!"

That would be funny enough on its own, but Gunn himself added to the humor with a simple comment response, saying "I thought we agreed to save this news for ComicCon. 😐"

Continued Humor in DCU

Since Gunn's takeover at DC, fans have discussed the inevitable humor that will come to the primarily darker cinematic superhero brand (at least, as it compares to the MCU).

The Snyderverse in particular was notably much grimmer than most DC comics or the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which are full of quips and jokes as well as heartfelt and serious moments.

Gunn's The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker showed off the potential for live-action DC films to truly be funny (something animated content like Harley Quinn and Young Justice have already demonstrated).

Gunn responding to this parody video with his trademark humor, playing along with the joke at that, bodes well for fans looking forward to hilarity alongside the heartfelt in the new DCU.

Superman: Legacy premieres in theaters on July 11, 2025.

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