Superman (2025): Nicholas Hoult Reveals New Photos of His Bald Lex Luthor Look

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Nicholas Hoult, Lex Luthor

New photos from Superman star Nicholas Hoult offered fans a new peek at his bald Lex Luthor look for the movie. 

After playing Beast/Hank McCoy in Fox's X-Men reboot series of films, Hoult will dive back into the super-powered world of comic book movies next year with James Gunn's Superman

The longtime actor takes on the role of Lex Luthor, starring opposite David Corinswet. While there are other big bads set to make themselves known in the film, Hoult's bald-headed super-genius has been teased by Gunn as the "main villain" of his DCU kick-off

Nicholas Hoult Is Looking Like Lex Luthor

Superman actor Nicholas Hoult showed off more of his bald Lex Luthor haircut in a pair of recent photos posted on social media. 

The images were shared on Hoult's personal Instagram page, showing off the actor with the buzzcut the iconic DC villain is known for. 

This first glimpse at the actor's new haircut is not an official look from the movie (like the recently revealed Superman suit sneak peek). Instead, the pictures are from Hoult's recent experience with Ferrari USA, getting to race the Ferrari 296 challenge car on the well-known race track Laguna Seca. 

With Superman production ongoing, this is assumed to be the final Lex Luthor haircut that will be seen in James Gunn's Superman movie

It is unclear if Hoult will be bald for the entire film, but the look does mimic that of his comic book counterpart. 

Lex Luthor from DC Comics in a grey suit and yellow shirt with a purple cityscape behind him

Surely, fans are not far away from seeing an official still of Hoult's Lex Luthor from Superman, especially as looks like this, potentially teasing how his character will look in the film, begin to make their way out to the public. 

Superman soars into theaters on July 11, 2025. 

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