James Gunn Worries Fans About His Superman Movie With New Announcement

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James Gunn has delivered a surprising announcement for his DCU that has fans worried about Superman, Peacemaker Season 2, and the whole franchise.

Since taking the co-CEO job at DC Studios, Gunn has written three projects for the new universe himself - Superman, Creature Commandos, and Peacemaker Season 2. 

Funnily enough, the Gunn-written projects are currently the only DCU entries to have already entered production.

James Gunn Doubles Up on DCU Filming

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With Superman currently filming in Atlanta, Gunn recently delivered a shock bombshell on Threads in confirming Peacemaker Season 2 had not just entered production, but he would also be directing. 

While he will not be directing all the episodes, Gunn did take the helm for the first day of production and will likely lead the season premiere. 

This may indicate the DCU boss will be taking a similar up-close role in the production, editing, and release to what he did on the freshman outing.

Superman began production in late February and is expected to shoot for five months, placing the wrap around late July or early August. 

Based on the six months it took to film Peacemaker Season 1, the April start of production for Season 2 should allow it to finish filming around October.

With roughly a three-month filming overlap and Gunn likely to eventually find himself juggling post-production on Superman and Peacemaker Season 2, many have expressed worry that his split focus will negatively impact both projects.

This comes on top of the DCU boss putting the finishing touches on the upcoming Creature Commandos animated series, which will premiere on Max this year.

How James Gunn Is Filming Superman & Peacemaker Simultaneously 

Replying to a fan on Threads, James Gunn explained he is "directing some of the episodes" for Season 2 but will be joined by "three other great directors" to film the remainder of the eight new episodes:

"I’ll be directing some of the episodes (I’m directing today). But there are three other great directors joining me for the season."

For context, Gunn took the helm for five of the eight episodes in Peacemaker Season 1, with Jody Hill, Rosemary Rodriguez, and Brad Anderson taking on directing duties for the other installments. 

It appears likely Gunn will lead fewer episodes during Season 2 due to his split focus with Superman.

When asked how he will juggle his schedule between the two DCU projects, Gunn explained he only has "a few days on weekends" for Peacemaker, with the other directors slate to get involved in production shortly:

"I only have a few days on weekends for PM - other directors start soon."

He added how the work taking place for Peacemaker on Saturday, April 13 was part of the "pre-shoot."

As such, it appears Gunn will only be taking a minor role in Peacemaker development, at least in its early stages. But perhaps there may be room for him to get more involved and helm his episodes later in the year once Superman has wrapped production over the summer.

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Should Fans Be Worried About Superman and Peacemaker Season 2?

As James Gunn and co-CEO Peter Safran set out to start a new cinematic universe, there has never been a more important time for DC.

Going beyond that, there has arguably never been a movie as critical to a studio as Superman, which could make or break the public interest and reception of the new DCU.

Peacemaker Season 2 could also be considered an incredibly necessary hit for DC Studios as it will be the first live-action show in the new universe as it shifts away from the DCEU setting of the freshman run. Not to mention, after the first season proved to be an overwhelming success, expectations are high for Season 2.

As such, DC Studios will be pulling out all the stops to ensure both are successful, and Gunn splitting his focus between multiple projects is a risky move. 

Granted, as the studio's co-CEO, the filmmaker will likely be putting his hand in every major project in at least a producer capacity, but directing will require far more of his time.

Although Gunn probably wouldn't be committing to shooting two jobs at once if he couldn't handle the workload confidently. 

And as he won't be directing as many Peacemaker episodes in Season 2 (he helmed five for Season 1), Gunn likely won't be quite as involved this time around, leaving him more time for Superman.

This also has some fans concerned about what this means for the DCU going forward and how Gunn will be juggling his time. 

While he will undeniably still be writing and directing new movies and shows, he may not be doing as much of that as time passes, with his ongoing double-duty likely down to launching this new universe.

So while concerns are certainly justified that Gunn may be spreading himself too thinly in the early stages of the DCU, this likely won't prove detrimental to the quality of Superman, Peacemaker Season 2, or Creature Commandos.

Superman hits theaters on July 11, 2025, and Peacemaker Season 2 has yet to announce a date for its Max premiere.

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