First Look at James Gunn's Superman Movie Villain Revealed on Set (Photos)

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David Corenswet as Superman, The Engineer Villain

Photos from the set of James Gunn's Superman show actress María Gabriela de Faría as the 2025 film's villain, the Engineer.

Set to release July 11, 2025, the first official film of the new DCU helmed by stars David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan features an extensive roster of heroes and villains

Now that filming is underway and James Gunn is back behind the camera, DC fans are getting their first looks at Faría's antagonist both in action and in costume.

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First Photos of 2025's Superman Villain Revealed

On-set photos revealed María Gabriela de Faría in costume as the Superman villain, Angela Spica, also known as the Engineer.

James Gunn announced the 31-year-old Venezuelan actress had been cast in November 2023. 

These new images taken on the Atlanta, Georgia set show Maria wearing a black, textured leather suit and a harness for stunt work. 

In DC Comics, The Engineer is a member of a "cynical, brutally pragmatic" anti-hero team known as The Authority who also have an upcoming film within the DCU's Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters

Her unique skillset stems from the fact her blood was replaced with nano-tech, allowing her to manipulate technology. 

Here's another look at her character design from the comics.

DC's The Engineer
DC Comics

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How Many Villains Are in Superman?

María Gabriela de Faría's Angela Spica isn't the only villain David Corenswet's Superman will be forced to contend with in 2025. 

In addition to The Engineer and potentially other members of The Authority, Gunn's Superman will also be dealing with Nicholas Hoult's Lex Luthor and possibly Maxwell Lord, played by Sean Gunn

The big question is whether any of these antagonists will truly be full-fledged baddies. 

While The Engineer is sure to be an obstacle, she's also somewhat of an anti-hero, and fans don't think Hoult's Lex Luthor (and his comic book accurate look) is Superman's archnemesis just yet. 

Regardless, these first on-set photos of María Gabriela de Faría won't be the last of the Superman cast or the actress, especially with a movie about The Authority in the works at DC Studios.

Superman arrives in theaters on July 11, 2025.

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