Full Cast of Summer House 2024: Meet the Real People In Season 8 (Photos)

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Summer House 2024 people

Returning cast members like Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula lead the cast of 2024's Summer House Season 8 alongside interesting newcomers West Wilson and Jesse Solomon.

Bravo's Summer House Season 8 chronicles the lives and the drama that surrounds a group of friends living in the Hamptons. 

The latest batch of episodes, which premiered on February 22, revolves around the downfall of Lindsay and Carl's engagement, Kyle and Amanda's balancing act between business and marriage, and Ciara and West's blossoming romance. 

Every Main Cast Member of Summer House Season 8

Amanda Batula

Amanda Batula in Summer House Season 4
Amanda Batula

Instagram: @amandabatula

At the center of Summer House mainstay, Amanda Batula's story in Season 8 is her potential pregnancy, leading to an argument with her husband, Kyle, over work/life balance. 

Amanda also confirms a major update about her career, telling The Daily Dish (via Bravo) in April 2024 that she wants to take a step back and do her own thing outside of her husband's beverage company, Loverboy: 

"I'm just not as involved in the day-to-day. So we can sort of heal our relationship, but I'm still very much so a part of it — all the decision-making and the big aspects of the brand."

In fact, Season 8's premiere even showed Amanda and Kyle's conversation about spending more time together amid the pair's responsibilities at Loverboy.  

Kyle Cooke

Kyle Cooke in Summer House Season 8
Kyle Cooke

Instagram: @imkylecooke

Kyle Cooke, Amanda's husband and the owner of Loverboy, returns in Season 8 to showcase their lives as a married couple. 

In Season 8, Episode 4, Kyle opens up about starting a family amid the issues surrounding his marriage with Amanda over the latter's desire to start a new career outside Loverboy: 

"We know we want to start a family. But we're really good at procrastinating and not dealing with our issues."

While Kyle is initially hesitant over Amanda's decision to pursue a new career, he eventually calms down and accepts it. 

Carl Radke

Carl Radke in Summer House Season 8 Reunion
Carl Radke

Instagram: @carlradke

Carl Radke is back in Summer House Season 8 and things are not looking good for him after it is revealed that his engagement with his fiancé, Lindsay Hubbard, went off the rails. 

Carl and Lindsay's rocky relationship is chronicled in the new season and the sneak peek at Season 8's reunion episode shows that the pair is still butting heads over their breakup. 

As for his latest career move, Carl confirmed in BravoCon 2023 that he is working on a "part-time basis" at Loverboy after leaving the company in February 2023.

Lindsay Hubbard

Lindsay Hubbard in Summer House Season 8 Reunion
Lindsay Hubbard

Instagram: @lindshubbs

Lindsay Hubbard's broken engagement serves as one of the hot topics throughout Summer House Season 8 (the pair called off their engagement in August 2023). 

In an interview with Us Weekly in November 2023, Lindsay explained her "humiliating" breakup with Carl, noting that he told the producers to "manipulate me into sitting down [so he could break up with me] after we’d already wrapped" which then led to the whole world finding out after 30 minutes. 

While Lindsay has started dating a new boyfriend ever since their split, the show's reunion episode is set to showcase another face-to-face confrontation between the two exes. 

Ciara Miller

Ciara Miller in Summer House Season 8
Ciara Miller

Instagram: @ciaramiller___

Ciara Miller is back as part of Summer House Season 8's cast. 

Ciara, a popular model, is ready to take the next step when it comes to pursuing a romantic relationship, and Season 8 shows that she is hitting it off with fellow housemate, West Wilson. 

West Wilson

West Wilson in Summer House Season 8
West Wilson

Instagram: @westling.conrad

A newcomer to the world of Summer House is West Wilson. 

West, a 28-year-old sports journalist who was laid off, joins Season 8 after being introduced by Lindsay to the group. 

He wants to connect with all of the housemates, but he admits that he is only looking for something casual. 

Still, a chance at romance is in the cards after having solid chemistry with fellow cast member, Ciara Miller.

Danielle Olivera

Danielle Olivera in Summer House Season 7
Danielle Olivera

Instagram: @danielleolivera

Danielle Olivera returns in Summer House Season 8 to take a chance in making amends with her former best friend, Lindsey Hubbard. 

In Season 7, Danielle and Lindsey had a falling out after learning about Carl and Lindsey's engagement. 

As for the romance side of things, Danielle enters the new season as a single gal, but she is not looking for love within the confines of the Summer House. 

Gabby Prescod

Gabby Prescod in Summer House Season 8
Gabby Prescod

Instagram: @gabbyprescod

Gabby Prescod starts fresh in Summer House Season 8 after her parents moved from New York to Texas. 

Gabby's new sense of independence is showcased in the brand-new season while still also finding support from her friends when things go south. 

Jesse Solomon

Jesse Solomon in Summer House Season 8
Jesse Solomon

Instagram: @jessesols

Another Summer House newcomer in Season 8 is Jesse Solomon. 

Jesse, who works in Investor Relations, is no stranger to building relationships from the ground up and he wants to do just that in the new season. 

Throughout Season 8, a good chunk of his story centers around him being diagnosed with cancer. 

However, news comes to light in the May 23 edition of Summer House Season 8 that he is cancer-free, much to the delight of his peers inside the house. 

Paige DeSorbo

Paige DeSorbo in Summer House Season 8
Paige DeSorbo

Instagram: @paige_desorbo

Paige DeSorbo continues her journey in Season 8 as she is still contemplating whether to take the next big step when it comes to her relationship with her boyfriend, Craig. 

As shown in previous seasons, Paige is known for making excuses when the topic shifts to marriage. 

Making matters worse, Paige revealed in Season 8, Episode 5 that she is looking for a new apartment in New York, and it didn't sit well with Craig.

Elsewhere, Paige and Danielle's feud has carried over to the reunion episode, with Jesse Solomon telling US Weekly in a recent interview that there was an "intense" confrontation between the pair.

Summer House Season 8 episodes are available to stream on Bravo and Peacock.

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