The Suicide Squad: New Footage Shows Hilarious King Shark Scenes

Suicide Squad, Killer Shark, DCU
By Russ Milheim

2016's Suicide Squad was not only a financial failure for Warner Brothers, but it also didn't go over too well with both critics and audiences alike. Usually, a situation like that would lead to a franchise being buried or thrown in the back of the studios' metaphorical closet. But those situations don't usually have James Gunn come along to give them another chance.

Shortly after his temporary departure from Marvel Studios, Warner Bros. reportedly wasted no time approaching James Gunn. In turn, they were said to have given Gunn complete free rein over the entire DC Comics endless vault of characters—Gunn could make anything he wanted. So, naturally, The Suicide Squad was his first choice. 

Gunn hasn't been shy about this excitement for the film. Giving high praise on several occasions to cast members, constantly sharing promotional material for the film, and consistently responding to fans in regards to details surrounding the film. He also loves how bloody the whole ordeal will be and how fans are being quite optimistic when guessing the surviving members of the squad.

The squad's member count is much higher this time around, so Gunn has plenty of fodder to offer up—and more. One of the strangest new additions to the team is in the form of a living, bipedal, Shark man: King Shark.


Suicide Squad, King Shark, DCU
Warner Bros.

A brand new promotional teaser for James Gunn's upcoming film The Suicide Squad has been released via an official Instagram post that focuses on the team's man-eating member: King Shark, otherwise known as Nanaue.

The full video can be seen below.

The promo features lots of footage never seen before, including Amanda Waller informing audiences that his real name is Nanaue and that he is a descendant of an Ancient Shark God. Of course, he also has developed a taste for human meat—which isn't all that surprising, given he's a walking shark and all.


Suicide Squad, King Shark, DCU
Warner Bros.

King Shark is certainly one of the more fantastical elements of The Suicide Squad, something that James Gunn has clearly embraced. To be fair, a shark-man isn't much more believable than a giant starfish that could end the world

Fans are just under a month away from seeing James Gunn's DC Comics passion project on the big screens—or at home if that's the preference. But what comes next?

Well, James Gunn has the upcoming Peacemaker show for HBO Max, one which may even get a second season. Not only that, but James Gunn recently teased on Twitter that fans should expect to see more DCEU stuff with characters from his film

The Suicide Squad releases August 5, 2021, in theaters, and August 6 streaming on HBO Max.