Star Wars Reveals Stunning New Poster Highlighting 9 Episodes of Visions

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Star Wars Visions Poster

Fans have plenty to get excited about in the Star Wars universe over the next couple of years. Whether it's The Book of Boba Fett, Obi-Wan Kenobior The Bad Batch Season Two, audiences are going to have their craving for Lucasian lore satisfied as the Star Wars canon continues to expand. 

Within all this content, one project that has gone somewhat under the radar is Star Wars: Visions. The anime anthology series is just weeks away and will consist of 9 episodes telling wholly original stories featuring a star-studded voice cast, and it will be produced by some of the biggest and best names in Japanese anime. 

The recently released trailer for Visions teased what this innovative series can be, with each episode taking on a completely different art style from the one before. Studios like Studio Trigger (Kill la Kill) and Kamikaze Douga (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) are just two of the animation houses that will be trying their hand at the galaxy far, far away. 

Now, with less than a month before Star Wars: Visions is put out to the world, a new piece of promotional art has taken center stage on the marketing beat.

Star Wars: Visions Gets A Stunning Poster

Disney officially released a new poster for Star Wars: Visions on Disney+. The key-art featured the various different anime styles that will be present in the series' nine-episode run. 

Two different versions of the poster can be seen for the upcoming animated project. The first one is in English:

Star Wars Visions Poster English

The second poster comes in Japanese:

Star Wars Visions Poster Japanese


Visions Looks to be Something Special

If anything, Star Wars: Visions is going to be visually beautiful. As if the recently released teaser trailer was not stunning enough, the fine folks over at Disney+ took a moment to drop a poster like this. Everything on this piece of promotional art has been seen, but seeing it all mashed up together in that typical Star Wars poster style is something else. 

Of the characters blazoned across the elegant white background, fans should be able to pick out Ronin from "The Duel" at the very bottom, the shadowy armored figure Am from "The Twins", and what looks to be a starship featuring Boba Fett's helmet. 

It should also be noted just how much effort Disney is putting into highlighting the Japanese roots of this project.

For years Star Wars has worn its affinity for Japanese culture on its sleeves, with creator George Lucas citing the samurai films of yore as a central influence for the franchise. So to see every piece of marketing for Visions coming out in both English and Japanese, as well as the announcement of full vocal tracks in both languages for the series, shows just how much they are leaning into this. 

Star Wars: Visions debuts on Disney+ on September 22nd, 2021. 

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