Star Wars Visions: New Trailer Features Boba Fett & Tatooine Along With Many New Characters & Worlds

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Star Wars: Visions logo, Disney+ show

Star Wars is set to expand in the world of anime due to the looming arrival of Star Wars: Visions

Visions has been described as a collection of "original series of animated short films," meaning that its narrative will not be contained within the confines of the Skywalker Saga. Every episode of Visions will explore new characters and stories, but it will also reference the larger Star Wars universe. 

Expanding the Star Wars universe into the lucrative world of anime has never been done before, and Visions is poised to push this genre into the forefront. A special preview of Visions gave fans a glimpse of how Star Wars will embrace this genre, showcasing unique animation styles while also exploring the "cultural heritage" that influenced George Lucas' creation. 

It was also confirmed that Visions will explore the events after Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker with director Kenji Kamiyama of Production I.G teasing that his episode will answer the question if the "galaxy settled into peace" after Daisy Ridley's Rey defeated Emperor Palpatine and all the Sith.

Now, it looks like more familiar characters and locations will return in Visions as evidenced by a new trailer. 


Disney+ officially released a brand-new trailer for Star Wars: Visions, showcasing a preview of the different galaxy-based stories from seven visionary Japanese anime studios. 

Visions' unique animation style armed with the Japanese sensibility is featured throughout the video, and this image is a good example of how the show will visualize the Star Wars universe in the realm of anime.

Star Wars: Visions

Lightsaber fights in Visions will also receive an anime-style upgrade based on the new trailer. 

Star Wars: Visions

The full trailer can be seen below:



Many would agree that Visions' latest trailer is more than just a preview of what's to come, but it leans toward a celebration of unique Star Wars stories in a brand-new format. 

Lightsabers are the common staple of the Star Wars universe, and this Visions preview didn't waste time in establishing the inclusion of these iconic weapons. By serving as an anthology series, it gives the creators a variety of ways to utilize the use of familiar Star Wars concepts like lightsabers, the Force, and blasters into their own interpretation. 

In addition, established characters like Boba Fett will also be given a chance to shine in their own narrative outside the Skywalker Saga. It's possible that Boba Fett's appearance in Visions will be set in the sequel trilogy timeline of Star Wars, and there's a chance that the bounty hunter will be dealing with new threats outside the usual Jedi and Sith battles. 

It isn't surprising that Tatooine was featured in the trailer as an example of the "familiar worlds" that Visions will explore, especially due to the fact that it is home to the main leads of the Skywalker Saga. Adding Tatooine to the mix presents an opportunity for fan-favorite characters to either make an appearance or be referenced, and this could be the show's way of reminding fans that this anime is still part of the galaxy far, far, away. 

Star Wars: Visions is set to premiere on Disney+ on September 22, 2021. 

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