Star Wars & Secretlab Team Up For High-Quality Gaming Chair (Review)

By Andrew Gilman Posted:
Star Wars Secretlab Gaming Chair

Lucasfilm and Secretlab have partnered up to deliver new Star Wars gaming chairs, bringing the Star Wars™ | Secretlab Imperial Collection to the world from a galaxy far, far away.

Imperial Collection Chairs

The Star Wars™ | Secretlab Stormtrooper Edition and Star Wars™ | Secretlab Empire Edition have arrived not to push unruly rebels around, but to serve as a reinforcement for gamers as they conquer their battles. Part of their TITAN Evo 2022 line, Secretlab's chairs are designed with ergonomic features that will provide the support needed to endure long sessions of Battlefront or playthroughs of the forthcoming Jedi: Survivor. 

Packaged in a neat Star Wars-themed box, the chairs are admittedly overwhelming at first sight. The product is packed tightly together with numerous pieces small and large, protected by soft foam from every corner and angle. There's a lot going on at first glance, which might be discouraging for some.

But the assembly process is remarkably simple. Laid out in 15 steps on the backside of an enormous piece of card stock featuring a stormtrooper or the Death Star, the instructions are clear and easy to understand. With the help of a handy tool kit provided with the unit, putting together the sturdy chair should take no more than a half hour.

Stormtrooper Chair

The first thing that comes to mind when unboxing the chair is how sleek it is. Running a hand over the smooth leatherette will confirm the quality of the material, and it's important that buyers heed the warnings of keeping the chairs away from harmful elements. 

Embroidered on the front and back of both chairs is the Imperial logo, popping out from the rest of the unit. The Stormtrooper Edition is naturally white and lined with black piping along the perimeters, with the front of the seat's base displaying light gray lines evocative of the Imperial troops' air vents below the eyes. Each chair notably is named in Aurabesh on the product, as well.

Empire Edition

Juxtaposing the Imperial troops is the darkness of the Empire Edition chair, something Darth Vader might find himself in if he sat down to play LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. The textured ribbing exclusive to Secretlab's Imperial Collection is lined in a similar manner to the Sith Lord's under-suit.

Red and black are the primary colors of the dark side, serving as appropriate choices for the second offering. With the Death Star being the symbol to accompany the chair and its plans, callbacks to the look of the cell bay seen in A New Hope are clear.

Imperial Collection Chairs

Back support can always be an issue with a chair, but there are knobs at the side of Secretlab's backrests that adjust the lumbar height and curvature to meet the specific needs of each user. The backrest is equipped with a recline lever as well, with the seat's tilt component adding to the chair's flexibility.

Perhaps the best parts of the products are the magnetic features. The armrests are made of a firm memory foam material protected by a thick layer of leather, easily snapping and locking into place. A soft head pillow can similarly be magnetically attached to the top of the backrest, providing excellent support for the neck and a comfortable experience.

It's difficult to find anything to complain about when assessing the features of these chairs. Secretlab's gaming chairs are award-winning, and with good reason. The Star Wars line's introduction into the company's catalog brings as solid a chair as any, making the hefty price tag justifiable for anyone in the market for a new gaming seat as the holiday season draws near.

The Star Wars™ | Secretlab Imperial Collection is part of Disney's Bring Home the Galaxy campaign. Both the Stormtrooper and Empire Editions are available in sizes S, R, and XL, and are now available for purchase in the US and Canada. Fans from other regions can register on Secretlab's website for updates on availability.

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