Star Wars Reveals First Official Look at Spaceship From The High Republic Era

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Star Wars' Doctor Aphra and Spaceship

The next chapter of the Star Wars narrative relies heavily on the golden age of the Jedi Order, and this will be chronicled in a series of prequel stories in the form of Star Wars: The High Republic. Set to be released next year, The High Republic is poised to give fans an overview of how the Jedi prospered through the years while also hinting that a massive tragedy is on the horizon. 

In the past weeks, a plethora of information about The High Republic has been revealed, hyping up the Lucasfilm Publishing project even more. The first chapter of The Light of the Jedi was released, teasing the overall outlook of the narrative. Meanwhile, The Light of the Jedi and Star Wars writer Charles Soule previously teased the "epic and wild" scale of The High Republic, seemingly hinting that it will open the floodgates for more stories in the galaxy far, far away. 

Not only that, Master Yoda has been confirmed to appear and several sneak peeks at the core characters and the novel's unique take on lightsabers also emerged. And now, another piece of Star Wars lore from The High Republic series has been uncovered. 


Reddit user TheMastersSkywalker uncovered a first look at a High Republic era spaceship that will be featured in the upcoming issue of the Doctor Aphra comic series. The aforementioned spaceship can be seen below. 

Unidentified High Republic Era Spaceship
From Star Wars 



At first glance, the ship has a striking resemblance to a Star Destroyer, but the size is seemingly on par with an X-Wing. This vessel could potentially tie with the ships of the prequel trilogy, and there's a chance that stories set within the High Republic era could offer hints on how the designs evolved over time. 

While the image doesn't reveal much, it still provides a fascinating look at the designs of the ships during the High Republic, an era that is being described as the golden age of the Jedi and the Republic. There's a good chance that the High Republic will lay the groundwork for more connections to the Skywalker Saga in general, potentially hinting on how certain designs, ships, and characters came to be. 

Additionally, Marvel's Doctor Aphra comic has previously teased its connections to the High Republic era by revealing stories from the time period as well as teases about different artifacts. Now, this new spaceship is another major connection to the previously unseen Star Wars era, and this will no doubt dial up the High Republic hype even further. 

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