Star Wars: Mystery 'Project Maverick' Announcement from EA May Come Next Week

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Aside from the ongoing Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian series on Disney+, Star Wars fans are patiently waiting for new content. Luckily, the forthcoming Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge is set to debut next week while the world is also a few months away from the much anticipated season 2 of The Mandalorian. Moreover, many reveals from various Star Wars properties have been revealed in the past few weeks. 

Interestingly, fans of the Star Wars video games have received a lot of buzz from those past reveals. Previously, a new VR experience was announced, which will reportedly tie into the new Galaxy's Edge attraction at Disneyland in California. Weeks before that, another VR experience in the form of Vader Immortal was set to debut in Playstation VR. Now, the good news keeps on coming as another Star Wars game is to be unveiled. 


In an Instagram post, Bespin Bulletin revealed that EA's new Star Wars game codenamed Project Maverick is "expected to be revealed" on June 9. The outlet also shared that it remains to be seen if the reveal would include "a teaser or a full-blown trailer" while also reporting that the game is a "combat flight simulator." Below is the full report from Bespin Bulletin.


Star Wars: Project Maverick received a lot of attention last February when a bunch of leaks made their way through the European Playstation Network. Although a leaked concept art was piece revealed, fans were curious about the outlook of the new video game, but details about it remain scarce. However, Jason Schreier, Bloomberg and former Kotaku games reporter, shared in a report that Project Maverick is described as a “smaller, more unusual Star Wars project."

Schreier's reveal about the game is an interesting take as it complements the report of Bespin Bulletin about the game being a combat flight simulator. The reveal suggests that Project Maverick will shy away from the lightsaber-heavy action of Jedi: Fallen Order and Star Wars: Battlefront, effectively bringing a new experience to fans.

While fans can take this rumor with a grain of salt, the rumored date of the announcement is close to another big event from EA which is the EA Play Conference on June 11. There is a possibility that a two-part teaser could be in play, with June 9 serving as the first part of the reveal while other details could be revealed in the conference on the 11th. Whatever the case, Star Wars fans should be excited knowing that there will soon be another game that could be added to their collections.

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