Star Wars: 'Project Maverick' Video Game Official Title Leaked

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In recent weeks, the Project Maverick video game from the Star Wars franchise has been making the rounds in social media. There have been numerous details that have been shared in the past few months but nothing official has been confirmed. From the game being a "combat flight simulator" experience to leaked concept art, hardcore Star Wars gamers have been clamoring for more details about the new video game. 

While there have been a series of delays about the official reveal of the game, it seems that a crucial detail about the rumored Project Maverick game has been leaked.  


In an Instagram post, Bespin Bulletin has shared the official title of the Project Maverick game through a leak from the Xbox Store: Star Wars: Squadrons.

Meanwhile, Venture Beat has also learned from their sources that Squadrons is indeed an "aerial/space combat game about piloting ships in head-to-head battles." The outlet also revealed that the game will feature "a single-player campaign, but the main focus for Squadrons is on the multiplayer" with players going against each other in "team battles featuring iconic Star Wars vessels."

Venture Beat also mentioned that Electronic Arts (EA) plans to release the game for PC and consoles this Fall. 

UPDATE: EA has confirmed that the reveal trailer of Star Wars: Squadrons will be released on Monday, June 15th at 8:00 AM PDT. 


Gamers worldwide have been receiving a bunch of good news lately. Yesterday, Sony unveiled the official look for the PlayStation 5 while also revealing a slew of new games along the way. And now, this new revelation about the long time rumored Project Maverick project under the Star Wars video game umbrella comes at a perfect time. 

The Star Wars: Squadrons title seems to go hand-in-hand with earlier leaks about the game being a "combat flight simulator" type of experience, which further solidifies the idea that this will shy away from the lightsaber heavy action of popular Star Wars games such as Battlefront and Jedi: Fallen Order. By diving into the realm of aerial combat, it's not hard to imagine that EA is making efforts to come up with more ways on how to provide a fresh gaming experience for Star Wars fans.

Recently, Jedi: Fallen Order proved to be a massive achievement for EA, which suggests that fans should get excited about the upcoming Squadrons game. However, Venture Beat did mention in their report that Squadrons is the "direct result" of EA wanting to release a new game ahead of schedule, potentially hinting that the rushed aspect of its development could be troublesome when the game is released. 

Whatever the case, the upcoming release of Star Wars: Squadrons should be a welcome development for Star Wars gamers.

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