Star Wars Just Destroyed a Major Jedi Relic on Disney+

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Star Wars just used the Season 3 finale of The Mandalorian on Disney+ to destroy an important Jedi artifact from franchise lore.

The Mandalorian Season 3 helped Star Wars take some major steps forward with its story, particularly in further joining the live-action and animated stories that wove together over the last few years.

The Jedi legacy gained further depth with Ahmed Best's return to the galaxy far, far away, giving him a role as human Jedi warrior Kelleran Beq after his iconic role as Jar Jar Binks in the Prequel Trilogy.

Additionally, Grand Admiral Thrawn got another live-action namedrop after spending years in the animated sector, although other reveals weren't as positive from this thrilling chapter.

Major Star Wars Artifact Destroyed

Warning - the rest of this article contains spoilers from Chapter 24 of The Mandalorian.

Chapter 24 of Star Wars' The Mandalorian saw the destruction of an important artifact from both Jedi and Mandalorian culture - the Darksaber.

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First forged by Tarre Viszla, the first-ever Mandalorian inducted into the Jedi Order, the Darksaber found its way back to Clan Viszla following Tarre's passing and was passed down through generations of Mandalorians.

Whoever wielded this unique weapon also held a place as the ruler of Mandalore, although it would eventually fall into the hands of Moff Gideon before Din Djarin and Bo-Katan Kryze won it back in battle during Season 2 of The Mandalorian.

Moff Gideon, Bo-Katan Kryze

Din Djarin and Bo-Katan went back and forth over who was the rightful owner of the Darksaber all season before Din bestowed it upon Bo-Katan in Chapter 22.

But in Bo-Katan's battle with Moff Gideon in Chapter 24, Gideon struck a blow to the Darksaber with his own weapon, destroying the black-bladed sword and rendering it powerless.


How Will Mandalore Change Without the Darksaber?

Seeing the Darksaber destroyed certainly marks a huge change for Mandalore as the planet begins its return to glory, particularly since their culture is so strong throughout all of the clans.

Add this reveal into the mix on top of Paz Viszla's dramatic death in Chapter 23, and it makes things even more of a challenge for the Mandalorian people as they reunite with their long-lost brothers and sisters.

For now, it appears that Bo-Katan will remain in power for the entire planet, continuing to work with the Armorer as they bring a new class of Mandalorian foundlings to the forefront.

Unfortunately, with likely a couple of years until this group returns in Season 4, there will still be plenty of questions that remain unanswered pertaining to their next mission after defeating Moff Gideon.

Hopefully, with Din Djarin and Grogu now more invested than ever in reviving Mandalorian culture, the Darksaber's absence won't be felt as heavily while the people start a new chapter in their legacy.

All eight episodes of The Mandalorian Season 3 are now streaming on Disney+.

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