Elon Musk Surprises Star Wars Fans With His Reaction to Disney+ Show

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Elon Musk, Star Wars

Tech billionaire Elon Musk offered up his thoughts on one of Star Wars' Disney+ series, and some were pretty surprised to hear it.

The SpaceX CEO has long been an active figure on social media, sharing his favorite memes and thoughts on various goings-on. Although Musk has become rather controversial since his takeover of Twitter and actions as CEO so far.

Among the things the iconic tech geek has revealed his feelings about are the shows he may be watching, having given a glowing review of The Last of Us and praised Loki with a Rick and Morty comparison.

Elon Musk Loves This Star Wars Disney+ Series

Star Wars fans across Twitter have been left surprised by a recent post from tech billionaire Elon Musk as he revealed his love of a particular Disney+ series.

Responding to a post from Disney Music promoting the release of The Bad Batch Season 2's soundtrack, Musk declared "Bad Batch is great," thus revealing his affection for the animated series, but not for the first time.

Back in August 2021, right after Season 1 concluded, he shared a Star Wars meme, which caught the eye of Disney CEO Bob Iger who responded "Good one, Elon!" Replying to Iger, Musk revealed he was watching the show with his newborn and "waiting for Season 2" - which finally arrived in January 2023:

"Am watching 'Star Wars: Bad Batch' with lil baby X. Waiting for Season 2!"

The SpaceX CEO's love of the galaxy far, far away doesn't stop there, as Musk actually swung by The Mandalorian Season 1 set in early 2019, having posted a picture on Twitter wielding a massive sci-fi minigun.

Elon Musk, The Mandalorian Set, Star Wars

The Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau took to Instagram at the time to share a picture taken with Musk captioned "Discussing hyperdrive technology on set."

The visit came due to his long-standing friendship with Favreau, who he met when the filmmaker consulted him for inspiration in creating Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark as he prepared to direct 2008's Iron Man. This later led to Musk making a cameo appearance in the 2010 sequel Iron Man 2.

Elon Musk, Jon Favreau, The Mandalorian, Star Wars

Swinging back to Musk's latest acknowledgment of his Bad Batch fandom, despite him having mentioned this once before, many of his followers were caught off guard by his love of the animated series, @SETH_N1CO even "had to do a double take" after reading the tweet:

"I had to do a double take on this one for a sec lmao"

Some didn't even expect Musk to be a fan of Star Wars at all, with @StarWars0nly replying how they "didn't see that one coming:

"Elon a fan of Star Wars.. didn't see that one coming"

@Corey_WolfPack shared how their "bingo card is getting insane this year," with Musk's Bad Batch reaction coming as an unexpected event.

Questioning the revelation of Musk being a Disney fan, @reddogbites was surprised but "[likes] it:"

"You? A Disney fan? Hmm. Didn't see that coming. I like it."

Attatching a meme of Spider-Verse's Miles Morales with the caption "bro is flabergasted," @Mar_DC767620022 was clearly somewhat shocked:

"Bruh, I can't..... what!?!?!?"

Some even found themselves questioning how a man as busy as Musk can have time to binge series like The Bad Batch, such as @thrub3ingcool:

"How do you have the time? Which which Elon are you?"

Elon Musk Needs a Star Wars Cameo

Elon Musk being a Star Wars fan probably won't shock many, after all, the genius billionaire's primary venture SpaceX essentially seeks to bring sci-fi to life. One has to wonder now knowing his love of the galaxy far, far away, could the tech mogul join the Star Wars universe himself sometime with a short cameo.

Star Wars has long been renowned for hiding secret cameos in its movies and shows, including major actors Daniel Craig, Tom Hardy, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, along with behind-the-camera talent such as composer John Williams, writer Dave Filoni, and directors Deborah Chow and Rick Famuyiwa.

It's easy to see Musk finding him joining the ranks of these iconic cameos with one of his own down the line. The Mandalorian may be the most likely show for this given his friendship with showrunner Jon Favreau and his history of appearing in one of his projects before with 2010's Iron Man 2 - in which he played himself.

Perhaps Musk could find himself under a Stormtrooper helmet for a minute or two, or even appearing as a top businessman much like himself. Of course, the Twitter CEO is undoubtedly very busy with all his endeavors, but maybe he will find himself on The Mandalorian set once again, this time with the cameras rolling.

The first two seasons of The Bad Batch are streaming now, exclusively on Disney+.

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