Star Wars: Disney+ Announces Non-Canon Movies & Shows Coming Next Month

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Star Wars Legends and Ewoks

On April 25, 2014, Lucasfilm announced that all Star Wars shows, books, and video games (perviously called the Expanded Universe) would be considered non-canon and rebranded "Legends."

From that point on, every piece of Star Wars content has been considered canon. That declaration made in 2014 was Disney's decision to hit the reset button on Star Wars canon as they began to plan out their next trilogy.

Many fans cried out in terror when they found out the Darth Bane book trilogy, Knights of the Old Republic video games, and Leia and Han Solo's kids Jacen and Jaina would no longer be canon. The only projects that remained canon were the first six episodic films, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series.

Even though they're no longer connected to the greater Star Wars universe, there are plenty of quality stories in the Legends vault.


Disney+ has announced, via Comicbook , that seven Star Wars Legends properties are being added in April. The titles include Caravan of Courage, Ewoks: The Battle for Endor, Star Wars: Clone Wars - Volume I, Star Wars: Clone Wars - Volume II, Star Wars: Ewoks (S1), Star Wars: Ewoks (S2), The Story of the Faithful Wookiee.

These releases will feed any Star Wars fan's hunger before The Bad Batch begins May 4, 2021 .


Ewoks are the furry species that inhabit the forest moon of Endor. They're well known for helping the rebel alliance to take down the Empire, leading to the destruction of the second Death Star. Ewoks are loathed by some Star Wars fans, with many citing them as pointless or just included for kids (and toys). Other diehards simply find them cute and heroic. Either way, there's plenty of Ewok content headed to the Disney+ app.

Move over, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier , it's time to watch Ewoks: The Battle for Endor.

Another notable piece of this release is the first attempts at telling the story of the Clone Wars. This Cartoon Network series on the Clone Wars uses 2D animation, unlike The Clone Wars everyone now knows. These original Clone Wars episodes filled in the gaps between Episode 2 and 3 of the Skywalker Saga, similar to the canon show.

However, David Filoni wasn't involved and the story didn't add much to the overarching Star Wars canon. Most importantly, it didn't introduce the beloved character of Ahsoka Tano or bring Darth Maul back from his presumable death.

If fans want their Star Wars Legends hunger satiated, these titles be available to stream on Disney+ on April 2.

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