Star Wars Announces ‘Secrets of the Bounty Hunters’ Featuring Din Djarin, Cad Bane & More

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Bounty Hunters are a key element of the Star Wars universe. One could argue that those under the classification are just as important as the Jedi or Sith. Throughout the years, many have taken the spotlight in countless stories; Boba Fett, Cad Bane, IG-11, and Bossk, among others.

One of the biggest Star Wars projects in recent years was even about one. The Disney+ series, The Mandalorian, arguably saved the franchise from a long hibernation. The show followed a completely new bounty hunter named Din Djarin, and both he and his little green companion became some of the most famous characters in the franchise overnight.

Mando’s second season even saw the return of the famous Boba Fett, a bounty hunter who was first introduced in the original films. The man behind the character, Temuera Morrison, went on to star in his own spin-off show, which brought in even more bounty hunters, including Cad Bane, who crossed from animated to live-action.

Now, these infamous Star Wars characters are getting the chance to shine in a new book all about them and their history. 

Discover the Bounty Hunter Secrets

Pedro Pascal, Boba Fett
Star Wars

A newly announced book on Amazon titled Secrets of the Bounty Hunters will be a fully illustrated children’s book detailing some of Star Wars' biggest bounty hunters. Among the characters to be included are Boba Fett, The Mandalorian (Din Djarin), IG-11, Fennec Shand, Cad Bane, Zam Wesell, Aurra Sing, Dengar, Bossk, and more.

The piece will be narrated by everyone’s favorite pirate, Hondo Ohnaka, who will help guide readers through the shadowy underworld in the galaxy far, far away. He will "delve into the wider world of bounty hunters, sharing all he knows:”

“In this in-universe book, Ohnaka recounts fascinating tales about the galaxy’s most famed bounty hunters. Hondo also delves into the wider world of bounty hunters, sharing all he knows about notorious starships, dangerous underworld tech, and more.”

Included will be “incredible artwork” alongside “interactive features,” such as “pop-ups, booklets, and life-the-flap inserts.” Fans will even get a frameable 11 x 17 poster of the cover art.

This book will join others in the same line, including The Secrets of the Jedi and The Secrets of the Sith.

The cover of Secrets of the Bounty Hunters can be seen below:

Star Wars, Bounty Hunter
Star Wars


Hondo Ohnaka Reveals All

With how big Bounty Hunters have been in Star Wars media recently, it’s no surprise to see them get a spotlight. It’s hard not to wish it was in something more than just a 30-page children's book, however. With all the stories they have to tell, it could be a 300-page encyclopedia—hardcore fans would be there in an instant.

One of the key observations about the book is how it will be narrated by Hondo Ohnaka, a favorite fan character who first appeared in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. He went on to play a key role in Rebels and even appear in Disney Park’s Smuggler’s Run ride in Galaxy’s Edge.

Given all of the attention given to the character, it's hard to believe he still has not yet shown up in live-action. Though, to be fair, it did take Ahsoka Tano over a decade to do so herself.

Both The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett are streaming on Disney+.

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