New Mandalorian-Themed Wave of Star Wars: Black Series Toys Unveiled

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Star Wars Mandalorian Omega

Following a relatively quiet year in terms of Star Wars content, 2022 promises multiple Star Wars series. In addition to the conclusion of The Book of Boba Fett, fans have Obi-Wan Kenobi, Andor, potentially Season 2 of The Bad Batch, and The Mandalorian's third season to look forward to. Plus, along with this bounty of content, a new wave of Star Wars: Black Series toys is also on the horizon for Star Wars fans. 

Star Wars action figures have been part of the fan experience since the original 1977 film; and as the roster of characters from that galaxy far, far away continues to expand on Disney+, so does the number of figures for fans and collectors. 

As part of Hasbro's successful Black Series line, a new line of figures has been revealed featuring characters from both seasons of The Mandalorian and Lucasfilm's latest animated series - Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

New Star Wars Black Series Figures Include Ahsoka and Omega

Omega is a young, female clone from Star Wars: The Bad Batch who served as an assistant to Kamino's Chief Medical Scientist Nala Se, before joining Clone Force 99.

Omega Black Series Star Wars

Hasbro's 6-inch Black Series figure of Omega comes with 3 accessories, including her signature energy bow. Pre-Order Here.

Black Series Omega


Hasbro's Ahsoka Tano Black Series action figure is inspired by the iconic character's role in Season 2 of The Mandalorian

Star Wars Black Series Ahsoka

This 6-inch figure comes with Ahsoka's two signature lightsabers. Pre-Order Here.

Ahsoka Black Series Star Wars

The next figure from Hasbro's new Black Series line is a 6-inch Death Watch action figure from The Mandalorian

Star Wars Black Series Mandalorian Death Watch

The Death Watch is an extremist Mandalorian clan that embraces Mandalore's ancient traditions. This Hasbro figure comes with two blaster accessories. Pre-Order Here.

Star Wars Black Series Death Watch

Another new figure from Star Wars: The Bad Batch is Hasbro's Black Series figure of Echo, a clone trooper who was introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and later joined Clone Force 99.

Star Wars Echo Bad Batch

This 6-inch figure features a removable helmet and comes with blasters and a cyborg arm accessory. Pre-Order Here.

Star Wars Black Series Echo

The last of Hasbro's new wave of action figures, which is also from The Mandalorian, is the Client - the Imperial figure who attempted to acquire Grogu in Season 1 of the live-action Star Wars series. 

Star Wars Black Series Client Mandalorian

This Black Series 6-inch figure is described as coming with a beskar container (a camtono?), beskar ingots, and a tracking fob. Pre-Order Here.

Star Wars Black Series Client Mandalorian


The Ever-Expanding Galaxy of Star Wars Action Figures

Since Omega proved to be a popular character and one of the driving forces of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, it's great to see that fans and collectors now finally have the option to purchase her figure - as well as Echo in his Clone Force 99 gear - to complete the show's ensemble cast of heroes. 

The Mandalorian's Client, played by Werner Herzog, is yet another character from the Disney+ series' inaugural season that hasn't been available for fans; and while his time in the series was short, he served as a catalyst for Mando and Grogu's tale. Plus, his included items have become common within the Disney+ Star Wars Universe.

In regard to the Death Watch figure, this particular type of Mandalorian is one that audiences are sure to see again, especially if The Mandalorian's third season continues to explore the various Mandalorian groups.

And, Star Wars fans already know they're guaranteed to revisit Ahsoka Tano in her own series; but due to her surprise appearance in The Book of Boba Fett, she may appear even sooner than that. 

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