Marvel Announces Spider-Verse Versions of Thor, Scarlet Witch & More (Photos)

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Marvel Spider-Verse Characters

Marvel revealed comic variant covers to promote Marvel's "Edge of Spider-Verse" event, featuring heroes like Thor and Scarlet Witch in Spider-Man costumes. 

The Spider-Verse is set to be pushed to the forefront when Sony's Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse premieres later this year, but Marvel is doing its own thing to promote the Multiverse storyline in the comics. 

Created by Dan Slott, "Edge of the Spider-Verse" is focused on telling the story of the "bleeding edge" of the Spider-Verse, introducing new heroes and bringing back old ones in the web-slinger's important battle yet. 

Spider-Verse Variants of Marvel Heroes Revealed

For Marvel's new "Edge of Spider-Verse" comic event, variant covers of familiar Marvel heroes in Spider-Man suits have been revealed. 

Spider-Verse Thor

In the announcement for "Edge of Spider-Verse," Marvel explained that industry artists have "reimagined Marvel's most popular heroes as web-swinging Spider-Heroes!" 

Captain Marvel Spider-Verse

The announcement further reads as follows:

"Enter alternate realities where Captain Marvel, Storm, Thor, Deadpool, and even the Beyonder were bitten by that fateful radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker."

The Scarlet Witch looks stunning as she utilizes Peter Parker's spider powers in this Variant cover:

Scarlet Witch Spider-Verse

Doctor Strange channels his magic in a different way in this new Variant cover:

Doctor Strange

X-Men's Storm controls the weather while swinging in X-Men Red # 11


Ghost Rider is ready for battle as he is infused with Spider-Man's abilities in this new cover: 

Ghost Rider

She-Hulk looks over the city while upside down, channeling her own Peter Parker moment: 


Moon Knight swings into a patrol in this new Spider-Man Variant cover for the agent of Khonshu:

Moon Knight

Deadpool appears confused that he is wearing a Spider-Man-inspired suit: 


Groot and Rocket are in tandem in giving fans a cosmic Spider-Man-inspired duo in this variant cover: 

Groot, Rocket Racoon

Fans can expect to find these covers on favorite Marvel titles throughout the month of May.

Will Spider-Verse Variants Appear in the MCU?

As the MCU embarks on a journey through the Multiverse, some would argue that Spider-Verse Variants could eventually appear in live-action. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home already gave a sneak peek of the Spider-Verse when it brought back Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire's Spider-Men, meaning that there's a strong chance that more of these Variants will appear. 

While the variant covers are made purely for fun and celebration of the "Edge of the Spider-Verse" event from the comics, it's still possible that these Variants exist in the MCU's Multiverse. 

Moreover, it isn't surprising that Spider-Man is the focus of these variant covers, considering the hero's widespread popularity. 

Hopefully, the Multiverse Saga will push the Spider-Verse into the forefront sooner rather than later.

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