Sony Announces 2nd Spider-Man Show In New TV Universe

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One of Spider-Man's most-popular spin-off characters is about to get his own Amazon Prime series.

Sony Pictures is about to make a big play in the world of Spider-Man-centric TV series. 

Back in November, it was announced that the on-screen Spidey rights holders would be developing multiple "diverse, character-forward, watercooler shows" centered on the world of the webhead. 

The first of these was unveiled alongside this plan. Silk: Spider Society is a series coming to Amazon Prime, set to center on the "infinite Multiverses" of the Spider-Verse and its titular Silk hero. But it has been made abundantly clear that Silk is only just the beginning. 

A Spider-Man Noir Series on the Way

Spider-Man Noir
Sony Pictures

Announced exclusively via Variety, a Spider-Man Noir series is in the works at Amazon Prime, marking the second Sony Spider-Man spin-off on the streamer. 

The untitled live-action series will focus on an older take on the iconic wall-crawler working in 1930s New York. The announcement noted that it will not focus on Peter Parker and will take place in its own separate Spider-Man universe. 

Spider-Man Noir Comics
Marvel Comics

Oren Uziel (writer of The Lost City, Mortal Kombat, and The Cloverfield Paradox) will join the project as writer and executive producer, who developed the series alongside Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse producers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, as well as former Sony executive Amy Pascal.

Chris Miller tweeted in celebration of the announcement, remarking "it’s going to be amazing:"

"Can confirm! And also confirm that it’s going to be amazing."

This comes mere months after Sony announced its streaming Spider-Man plans with Silk: Spider Society being the first announced project coming from the venture. 

The Spider-Man Noir project and Silk are just the first two of what Sony is calling several other Spidey-adjacent projects the studio has in the works. 

Who Is Spider-Man Noir?

While general audiences may know Spider-Man Noir as the goofy character played by Nicolas Cage in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (a role the actor has said he will not be returning to), the character is actually a gritty, darker Spidey rife with on-screen storytelling potential. 

In the comics, Spider-Man Noir is an alternate universe Peter Parker who serves as a super-powered private investigator (P.I.) in 1930s New York City. It was an alternate take on the character, telling grounded Batman-esque detective stories instead of the typical fantastical comic-book fare seen in other Spider-Man tales. 

What will be interesting to see is who exactly Spider-Man Noir is in this Amazon Prime series. As confirmed above, it will not be Peter Parker. Will it be an entirely new character with a whole new backstory? Or is this Sony Pictures getting clever, knowing the main character will be a riff on Peter with the same backstory fans know and love? 

Knowing Spider-Man Noir's P.I. roots, this character feels perfect for television. Amazon Prime could take a page out of DC's book here and tell its own super-powered take on True Detective if it wanted to with this character. 

He is perfect for a TV adaptation, and fans should be excited about what sort of mystery the character will take on in the Amazon series. 

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