Sony Announces New Spider-Man TV Universe Incoming

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Sony Pictures, Spider-Man

Sony Pictures' Marvel Universe is embracing expansion as it welcomes a new wave of TV series featuring Spider-Man-related characters, such as Silk

Sony Pictures has been utilizing its treasure trove of Marvel characters on the big screen for years, introducing movies centered around Spider-Man villains like Venom and Morbius

While films like Morbius didn't receive positive reception, its lone animated entry, Spider-Man: Into the SpiderVerse, became a huge win for the studio. 

Now, it seems that the small screen will soon become the home of other characters from Sony's Spider-Man universe. 

Sony's Marvel Universe Expands on the Small Screen

TV Line shared that The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang has transitioned from her overall deal from AMC to Amazon to oversee Silk: Spider Society, the first of a “suite of live-action television series based on the Sony Pictures universe of Marvel characters, which includes over 900 characters,” per MGM+.

The upcoming series will be executive produced by Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. 

Silk, Marvel Comics

The series will reportedly focus on Cindy Moon, a Korean-American bitten by the same spider that gave Peter Parker his Spidey powers. The show will explore Cindy's life as she “escapes imprisonment and searches for her missing family on her way to becoming the superhero known as Silk.”

As per The Hollywood Reporter, this news marks the first official confirmation from Amazon that the retail giant and streamer is working with Sony on a slate of Marvel original TV series. 

Lord and Miller are expected to steer the larger franchise for Sony Pictures TV, Amazon, and MGM.

The series will air first domestically on the Epix-transformed network MGM+ and then globally on Amazon's Prime Video platform. 

Which Marvel Characters Will Receive the TV Show Treatment Next?

Sony Pictures appears to be serious about expanding its own Marvel universe. This latest report indicated that this is the beginning of a "larger franchise," meaning that there will be more characters to receive the same small-screen debut. 

Aside from Silk, Spider-Man has a plethora of side characters that could be worth exploring, especially after the Spider-Verse introduced many Spider-Man Variants from across the Multiverse. Sony Pictures could focus on another Spider-Man from a different universe, such as Spider-Man 2099 or Spider-Punk. 

Moreover, given that it is confirmed to be under the live-action umbrella, other characters like Black Cat and Silver Sable could finally be given the chance to be fleshed out on the small screen, considering that the pair almost made it to the big screen. 

As for which universe these projects will be set, it's reasonable to assume that they will take place in the world of Tom Hardy's Venom and Jared Leto's Morbius to avoid confusion among fans and to establish its shared universe concept. 

Hopefully, more details about the small-screen expansion of Sony's Marvel Universe will soon come to light. 

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