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After months of hoping and speculating - and despite fervent denials from the threequel's cast - Spider-Man: No Way Home did, in fact, unite Tom Holland's MCU Spider-Man with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield's. The hype for the film, coupled with this cinematic feat, has led to a record-breaking theatrical run for No Way Home and fan demands for the former actors to receive new films of their own. 

While Maguire, Garfield, and Holland are the only stars to have ever played the web-slinger in live-action on the big screen, they're far from the only actors to have portrayed the Spidey in some form or fashion; and with Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part One) on the horizon, they won't be the last.

Since Spidey mania is driving the moment, naturally there's been talk about past and present Spider-Man stars and how they compare; however, according to one former web-slinger, not everyone has their story straight. 

Spider-Man Voice Actor Rejects Net Worth Claim


In response to an article listing the richest actors to have played or voiced Spider-Man, voice actor Josh Keaton countered the claim that his net worth of $82 million makes him the second wealthiest Spidey, above the likes of Tobey Maguire ($75 reported million net worth) and Andrew Garfield.

Keaton tweeted out that he's "missing like...82 million give or take:"

"LMAO I'm number 2 on richest Spider-Man with an estimated net worth of 82 MILLION? Where TF my money at?? I'm missing like...82 million give or take. These mfrs really think I've made more money than NPH or any of these A list stars? sm smh"

In the article, which presents inaccurate figures, Tom Holland was listed as the wealthiest ($450 million listed net worth). Neil Patrick Harris - who voiced Peter Parker in MTV's Spider-Man and for Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions - came in fourth with a reported $50 million net worth estimate.

In addition to voicing Spidey's voice for 2008 and 2009's The Spectacular Spider-Man television series and in various video games, in 2021, Keaton provided the voice for Steve Rogers in Marvel's What If...? series on Disney+.  

When asked if the article's claim about his net worth factored in his other work, Keaton double-downed in a follow-up tweet stating that "it's not even a tiny fraction of that:"

"Lol the can count everything I've ever done since childhood and not count a penny of purchases or living expenses and it's not even a tiny fraction of that"

When another Twitter user joked that "Parker luck" - a Spider-Man comic book tradition of things going wrong for Peter - was to blame for losing 82 million, Keaton commented back saying, "The Parker luck would be the IRS believing that article."

Can Spider-Man Pay the Rent?

Josh Keaton
Josh Keaton

Since Keaton vehemently denies the article's claim about his net worth, it's hard to know what is accurate in the wealthiest list, apart from Holland and Neil Patrick Harris likely being near the top. 

Still, it's worth noting that the list - and those figures - were destined to change anyway. Following Sony and Disney's Spider-Man fallout in 2019, Tom Holland's contract has been a frequent topic of discussion and had many fans questioning his future in the MCU ahead of No Way Home's release.

While quotes from Sony's Amy Pascal and others point towards Holland continuing on in the MCU, the success of Spider-Man: No Way Home means Holland's bargaining power has skyrocketed and the actor will only continue to follow his Iron Man mentor's example by way of pay. 

This may also be the case for Garfield and Maguire if they do, in fact, receive their third and fourth films which - considering the online fervor for their return and box office receipts seems more likely by the day. 

As for Keaton, while the claim about his net worth may be false, the MCU may be able to help with that. Since What If...? has already been greenlit for a second season, and considering Captain Carter and Steve Rogers have more story to tell, his future - and his net worth - looks bright.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is currently playing in theaters and What If...? is available to stream on Disney+.

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