Spider-Man: No Way Home Reveals 3 Promo Images With Maguire & Garfield Heroes

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Spider-Man: No Way Home, Maguire, Garfield

After months of speculation and anticipation, Spider-Man: No Way Home has finally arrived in theaters. Not only does the threequel celebrate Tom Holland's MCU Spider-Man trilogy, but it also celebrates the nearly two decades of Spider-Man cinema due to its expansive cast that includes Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield's former villains

Since its worldwide release on December 17, 2021, No Way Home hasn't just dominated social media but also the box office where it recently achieved the second-highest domestic opening weekend of all time. Still, that's not the only record it's broken. 

Due to glowing reviews, Spider-Man: No Way Home is currently the highest critically rated live-action Spidey flick on Rotten Tomatoes proving that fans can't get enough of the web-slinger; and now, nearly a week after its theatrical debut, fans now have another way to celebrate their Spidey fandom and this blockbuster film. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home Spoilery Merch

Warning: This article contains major SPOILERS for Spider-Man: No Way Home

For fans of Spider-Man: No Way Home who are looking to rep the threequel's and its three web-slingers, merch has finally arrived on Amazon. 

The first tee shows off Tom Holland's MCU Spider-Man, Tobey Maguire's Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, and Andrew Garfield's Amazing Spider-Man all in mid-swing and against a stylized backdrop inspired by the film's climatic Statue of Liberty set-piece.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Tom Andrew Tobey

The second t-shirt is similar but features No Way Home's wall-crawling trio against a yellow background, which is reminiscent of the Sling Ring portals in the film.

Spider-Man No Way Home Three Spider-Men

Another option showcases the three heroes with "Spider-Men" printed across the front. Maguire and Garfield's Spideys are also ready to shoot their webs with Holland's in the middle posing for battle.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Merch


Is Spider-Man: No Way Home Merch the Next Phenomenon?

This isn't the first time Spider-Man: No Way Home merchandise has stirred up the fan base. Months before the film's release, toys and collectibles revealed Tom Holland's various Spidey suits and more ahead of the first trailer.

While that frustrated fans to some degree, thankfully merch featuring Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield's Spider-Men were withheld from online suppliers and store shelves until now; but in one way, this is unfortunate since items featuring the three Spideys would've no doubt been in high demand for the holiday season. Still, for the sake of avoiding spoilers, it was the best decision. 

Now, it's worth noting that these new releases are only the beginning of the inevitable tidal wave of No Way Home merch showcasing the web-slinging trio, especially since the threequel has been so well received and continues to dominate at the box office. In fact, consumers could be looking at the next Baby Yoda phenomenon

This time next year, fans will no doubt have their pick of items showcasing the team-up of Holland, Maguire, and Garfield's Spider-Men

Spider-Man: No Way Home debuted in theaters on December 17, 2021.

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