Spider-Man: No Way Home Composer Reportedly Has Big Future Ahead at Marvel

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Spider-Man No Way Home Michael Giacchino MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is set to embrace the supernatural in Phase 4 as heroes like Moon Knight and Blade take center stage soon. Another hero that will join the mix is Werewolf By Night, who will be introduced in a unique way via his own Halloween special on Disney+. So far, plot details for the Disney+ special are still being kept under wraps, but there have been concrete reports about the project in the past months. 

It is still unknown when Werewolf By Night will premiere on Disney+, but reports suggest that it will arrive sooner than fans thought. Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal was reported to have joined the cast of the Halloween special as the titular werewolf, hinting that production could commence soon. 

Now, new details about Werewolf By Night have been revealed, thus adding another piece to the show's production puzzle. 

Werewolf by Night Reportedly Found its Director 

Michael Giacchino
Michael Giacchino

The Cosmic Circus shared new information about the upcoming Werewolf By Night, Marvel's Halloween Special on Disney+. 

The outlet reported that award-winning composer Michael Giacchino has been tapped as the director of Werewolf By Night. This news was first shared by Daniel Richtman on his Patreon account. 

Giacchino is no stranger to the MCU since he composed the scores for Doctor Strange, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Spider-Man: No Way Home, and the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder. 

The Cosmic Circus also revealed that filming for the special is expected to start at the end of March 2022. This comes after One Take News reported that the production start for the Disney+ special shifted from late February to mid-March 2022 and it will be a 2 to 3-week shoot. 

Will Werewolf By Night Premiere in 2022?

Giacchino is best known for his work as a composer not just for Marvel films, but for a good chunk of blockbusters as well. Now, if this rumor is true, then Werewolf By Night would mark his biggest directorial gig and a sign that Marvel Studios is eager to work with Giacchino in a larger capacity moving forward. This comes after Giacchino directed several short films in the past. 

Giacchino has been on the roll for a while now with major Hollywood productions. Aside from the aforementioned Marvel films above, the Oscar-winning composer is also attached to The Batman, Jurassic World: Dominion, and Pixar's Lightyear. Many see Werewolf By Night as a solid addition to his already-stellar resume. 

Given that the upcoming Halloween special already has a lead star and potentially a director in tow, these two factors could serve as a good indication that production could begin soon. If so, then this could mean that Werewolf By Night could be released on Disney+ just in time for Halloween 2022. 

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