Spider-Man: No Way Home Video Reveals Deleted Electro Fight Sequence

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Despite proving to be among the most hated comic book villains of all-time upon his debut in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Jamie Foxx's Electro was among the breakout stars of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Marvel Studios applied its usual formula to the hero to portray him closer to his comic counterpart, and fans were clearly fond of that.

After magically appearing in the MCU as a result of Doctor Strange's spell, Spider-Man attempted to capture Electro, with the help of Sandman, after a fight in a forest outside New York. Foxx's electric antagonist went on to join Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Sandman, and Lizard in their survival endeavors.

No Way Home famously had a number of deleted scenes that didn't make it into the final cut, many of which will soon be seen in The More Fun Stuff Version later this year. But one cut fight has just been revealed, showing off another iteration of the first Electro fight.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Reveals Deleted Electro Fight

Spider-Man: No Way Home previsualization supervisor Matt McClurg released a reel of pre-visualized sequences, offering a look at an extended version of the Electro fight in the forest.

Spider-Man Pre-Vis Electro Fight
Marvel Studios

The alternate fight would have seen Spider-Man dangling from an electric pylon before being attacked by Electro from a distance.

Spider-Man Pre-Vis Electro Fight
Marvel Studios

Just as he does in the final cut, Peter donned an inside-out suit with a black-and-gold aesthetic.

Spider-Man Pre-Vis Electro Fight
Marvel Studios

Electro's attack looked to knock Spider-Man from his hanging spot onto the forest floor.

Spider-Man Pre-Vis Electro Fight
Marvel Studios

The biggest change to the scene saw Spider-Man and Sandman originally facing off against a giant yellow-glowing Electro.

Spider-Man Pre-Vis Electro Fight
Marvel Studios

In the final cut, Spider-Man attempted to capture a normal-sized Electro who was initially in his blue form from The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man Electro Fight
Marvel Studios

The reasoning behind the change may well have come down to a need to reduce the runtime or VFX workload as the release moved nearer.

Spider-Man, Electro

The full pre-vis reel can be watched below: 


What's Next for Jamie Foxx's Electro?

By the end of No Way Home, Max Dillon had been cured of his electric powers and returned to his original universe to an unknown fate. With Electro now left powerless, there's no telling whether he has much of a big-screen future, but one can never be too sure with Sony.

As Sony continues to build its own Spider-Man universe, a report from Murphy's Multiverse has suggested Foxx's Electro may be in line for his own movie down the line. With Electro proving to be among the most popular Spider-Man villains in the aftermath of No Way Home, the electric villain is a no-brainer for a solo outing, particularly given Foxx's stardom.

Electro would undoubtedly share a universe with Morbius and Venom, which indicates one of two things. Either the recent Spider-Man spin-offs take place in The Amazing Spider-Man universe in which Dillon resides, or this film would follow another Variant of the character.

MorbiusVenomKraven the HunterMadame Web, and El Muerto all have films in the works at Sony, with rumors pointing to solo outings for Rhino, Sandman, and Electro. These eight villains are obviously too much to form a Sinister Six, but if Sony were to leave Madame Web and El Muerto separate from the inevitable team-up, then it would be left with a fairly comic-accurate team.

Jamie Foxx's Electro will soon be back in theaters for Spider-Man: No Way Home - The More Fun Stuff Version, an extended cut that is bound to include new scenes featuring the electric villain. The extended cut will arrive in theaters on September 2.

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