Spider-Man: No Way Home’s First Deleted Scene Has Already Been Revealed

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Tom Holland's Spider-Man: No Way Home is the most anticipated film of the year, so it's only fitting that it's one of the last in 2021. The movie sees Peter Parker dealing with his entire life flipped upside down thanks to Mysterio's frame job at the end of Far From Home. Now, he'll have to deal with the likes of Alfred Molina's Doc Ock and Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin as the Multiverse bursts open.

There's a lot going on in the movie. From trying to clear his name to saving the day from bad seeds such as Jamie Foxx's Electro, Holland's Parker will have his hands full.

With so much happening, there are surely plenty of entertaining scenes which will see the cutting room floor. A good example is how Shang-Chi''s special features showed an alternate scenario that saw the death of Razorfist - a villain who ended up surviving the final cut of the movie.

While fans don't know what could possibly end up being cut from the final version of No Way Home, the film's star himself has revealed the very first deleted scene.

No Way Home Gets Its First Deleted Scene

Spider-Man Brother
Tom Holland

During an interview on The Graham Norton ShowSpider-Man: No Way Home's Tom Holland discussed the role that his brother Harry Holland had in the film––a moment seen a few months ago via leaked set photos.

The scene involved Harry Holland as a mugger, being webbed up by Spider-Man. Tom mentioned how his involvement was basically the product of a joke between the two, with his role meant to show his brother how terrible hanging upside down all day can be.

The Spider-Man actor recalled their drive home that day, with his brother admitting that the event "was brutal:"

"So we're driving home that day... and he's like 'mate, you can complain as much as you want. That was brutal.'"

Feeling vindicated, Holland, who just recently watched the movie's final cut, went on to mention that "they've cut the scene," and he doesn't even think his brother knows it yet:

"But the icing on the cake, and I don't think he actually knows this, we saw the film the other day, and they've cut the scene [laughs]. It's not in the film."

As a final punch in the gut, Tom Holland revealed that his brother "was just really excited about being in a Spider-Man movie:"

"But he said to me... 'you know, mate, it was really tough, but I was just really excited about being in a Spider-Man movie. Sucks to be you bro [laughs]."

Say Goodbye to Tom Holland's Brother

It's interesting to hear the scene including Holland's brother was cut. Earlier this year, details about the aforementioned scene were revealed which detailed Tom's run-in with his brother, Harry Holland.

According to sources, the scene would have seen Spider-Man stopping a mugger, who was played by none other than Holland's brother. The wall-crawler would then web up the criminal, only to be splashed with green paint thanks to a nearby Mysterio supporter.

This would cause Spidey to eventually flip his suit inside out, revealing the black and gold outfit in which audiences have seen throughout promotional material. This begs the question: without that scene, how will they explain the costume change?

While the film likely has an explanation or an alternate scene, it's a shame that Harry didn't make it into the project. As Tom Holland mentioned, his brother was excited to be in a Spider-Man movie; he's bound to be intensely disappointed.

No doubt, especially with its mention in interviews, the scene will make it into the official deleted scenes when the threequel releases on home media.

Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters worldwide on December 17 in just a couple of weeks.

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