Spider-Man: No Way Home Video Reveals Last-Minute Change to Daredevil Scene

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Spider-Man: No Way Home arguably had the most anticipation-fueled build-up to release in movie history. In large part, that came down to the promises of a Multiversal event with rumors of returning fan favorites, but the Far From Home's dramatic cliffhanger in which Mysterio revealed Peter Parker's identity to the world was also a major factor.

After Tom Holland's Peter Parker was able to overcome Mysterio's illusions with the help of his Peter-tingle, Jake Gyllenhaal's villain threw one last twist into the mix as he outed Spider-Man's identity and accused him of murder. These loose ends were integral to the opening of No Way Home, as Charlie Cox's Daredevil was called in for legal support, but he quickly faded away as the focus shifted to the Multiversal chaos.

With the world torn in allegiances between Spider-Man and Mysterio, the movie revealed the villain had maintained a strong cult following, shown by a brink thrown through Peter's window and caught by Matt Murdock. Although, it seems this scene had one last-minute change made during post-production which ought to surprise many.

How Daredevil's No Way Home Scene Was Changed

Spider-Man: No Way Home VFX supervisor Kelly Port recently sat down with Corridor Crew to react to the CGI in the Multiverse blockbuster and revealed one significant change to Daredevil's scene.

While reacting to Matt Murdock's appearance, in which Charlie Cox's lawyer offered legal advice to Peter Parker, Port pointed out that the brick caught in the scene was "originally not a brick, it was a snow globe" and was changed "after the fact:"

"With Murdock here and catching the brick, that was originally not a brick, it was a snow globe. So that's one of those creative decisions that came after the fact."

Daredevil Brick Spider-Man No Way Home
Marvel Studios

After the interviewers questioned if Tom Holland's fingers had to be digitally altered when taking the brick from Murdock, the VFX supervisor noted the "sphere shape" of the actor's hand, as if he was grabbing a snow globe:

"He's actually grabbing a snow globe. You can see it's more of a sphere shape."

He went on to note how Cox's Murdock makes the same shape with his hands, revealing that "he's actually grabbing something more spherical:"

"You can tell kinda by the shape of his palm that he's actually grabbing something more spherical."

Port went on to share his obvious hopes that the change, which can be subtly noticed when observed closely, would be something that audiences "don't necessarily pick up on:"

"It's one of those things that you don't necessarily pick up on, hopefully not."

Mysterio has previously been depicted with his helmet resembling a snow globe in the illusion battle of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Mysterio Snow Globe Spider-Man Far From Home
Marvel Studios

Was Mysterio Once in No Way Home?

No Way Home offered plenty of hints that the world was torn between believing Mysterio and standing by Spider-Man. The globe-headed trickster had clearly amassed something of a cult following, which included Peter's gym teacher and the unseen brick-thrower.

The choice to replace the snow globe with a brick is certainly an interesting one. The globe would have not only related to the winter setting of parts of the film, but also to the shape and design of Mysterio's famous helmet.

Merchandise released prior to release was coated in the "We Believe Mysterio" slogan that is only referenced a few times in the early stages of the Multiverse flick. Additionally, concept art surfaced of Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio facing off against Doctor Strange atop the Statue of Liberty, something which obviously didn't make the cut.

The removal of so many Mysterio-centric elements would seem to indicate that the fraudulent hero and his cult following once played a bigger role in the film. As of now, Mysterio does seem to be dead after Far From Home, but with the former Stark employee being a master of illusions, one last fake-out is entirely plausible.

Moving forward, it remains unclear where the world's opinion sits on Spider-Man after Doctor Strange's spell. While the link has been broken between Peter Parker and the wall-crawler, public opinion may still skew against the Avenging web-slinger.

Only time will tell what the future holds for Spider-Man going into his second MCU trilogy, but for now, No Way Home is available for digital and physical purchase at home.

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