Will Spider-Man 3 PS5 Happen? Insomniac Director Responds to Future Prospects

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Marvel's Spider-Man 3 game

The director of Insomniac Games' Spider-Man 2 for the PlayStation 5 (PS5) just teased whether fans have more to look forward to from the gaming franchise in a potential Marvel's Spider-Man 3.

Insomniac made sure to include plenty of teases for the future in both of its first two web-slinging outings on PlayStation, with Marvel's Spider-Man setting up Miles Morales as a hero ahead of his own 2020 spin-off, Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

And with Marvel's Spider-Man 2 only weeks away from bringing Peter Parker back into action alongside Miles as they take on Venom and countless other adversaries, the mystery of what lies ahead is ever-present.

Is Spider-Man 3 Planned for the PS5?

Spider-Man Miles Morales

Speaking with io9, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 director Ben Arfmann addressed where future games in this superhero video game series could go should a Marvel's Spider-Man 3 be greenlit for the PS5.

Only commenting that he and his team "love this game" as Spider-Man 2 gets set to release, Arfmann noted how he and his team are "so lucky to get to tell more stories:"

"I mean, I would love to be able to talk about that. We love this game. Are so excited about this game. I’m really hoping that fans love it in the same way that we do. And we’re going to be so lucky to get to tell more stories. [But], for right now, I think what we can talk about is the game that comes out October 20."

Advanced Senior Writer Lauren Mee and Insomniac Director of Community and Marketing James Stevenson also commented on the idea of more stories coming up after this game.

Stevenson slyly noted "maybe there's a post-credits scene" to look forward to, with Mee hoping that gamers finish this new outing and are in need of more:

io9: "The game that could hypothetically, possibly tease, what might be coming in the future?"

Mee: "Well, the dream is that you finish the game and go “Holy shit. I need more of this."

Stevenson: "Maybe there’s a post-credits scene."

Arfmann: "Yeah it’s definitely a Marvel experience."

The first Marvel's Spider-Man game included a couple of teases for the future, including Miles showing Peter his new spider powers as they moved Peter into his new apartment - powers that will be expanded in Spider-Man 2. Additionally, Norman Osborn is seen checking on a giant glass tank that holds his son, Harry, as the Oscorp CEO looks for a cure for Harry's mysterious illness.

The Miles Morales game even followed up on the Osborn tease as Harry finally woke up, with Norman ordering Dr. Curt Connors (better known as the Lizard) to get him out of the tank.

When Could Spider-Man 3 Become a Reality?

Sony and Insomniac have put in a great deal of work to make two excellent Spider-Man games with a third on the way, and it's clear that the team is always looking to the future based on Ben Arfmann's quotes.

Now, with Spider-Man 2 even introducing three completely new playable areas, it could be some time until Spider-Man 3 is ready for its own arrival.

This next game will introduce nearly a dozen new villains for Peter and Miles to face, but with Spider-Man boasting one of the biggest rogues galleries in comic history, there could be any number of teases after taking care of Tony Todd's Venom.

And with anywhere from two to three years between the release dates of the first two games, that same timeframe should be what gamers expect if and when Spider-Man 3 does get the green light.

Thankfully, with Spider-Man 2 already getting rave reviews from critics who have gone through three hours of gameplay, the likelihood is high that Insomniac will want to keep this train running.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will be available for the PS5 on Wednesday, October 20.

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