Who Dies In Spider-Man 2 PS5? Full List of Character Deaths

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Spider-Man 2 Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Venom, and Kraven

Spider-Man 2 on PS5 featured a whole swath of character deaths, some expected and some not so. 

PlayStation first-party studio Insomniac Games returned to the world of Marvel's wall-crawler with the highly anticipated sequel. 

The super-powered epic earned rave reviews, tackling classic Marvel Comics stories like the beloved Black Suit Spider-Man arc and Kraven's Last Hunt

While the first game (and its Miles Morales-centric spin-off) sported some pretty big-name deaths, Insomniac upped the ante for its latest web-slinging adventure.

Who Dies in Marvel's Spider-Man 2?

Warning - The rest of this article contains spoilers for Marvel's Spider-Man 2.


Scorpion Spider-Man 2

After serving as one of the villainous Sinister Six in Spider-Man 1, the dastardly Mac Gargan (aka Scorpion) returns for Insomniac's sequel, but not in the way some may have expected. 

As a show of just how dangerous the newly-introduced Kraven the Hunter is, the bloodthirsty killer goes about killing some of the iconic figures from throughout Spider-Man's prolific rogues' gallery. 

For Scorpion that means, after breaking out of the Raft maximum security prison, Kraven takes on the armored villain, snapping off his poisonous tail and stabbing him with it. Peter Parker watches this from afar by way of a camera feed in one of Kraven's bases.


Shocker Spider-Man 2 PS5

In another demonstration of his power, Kraven also kills off fan-favorite Spidey villain Shocker (aka Herman Schultz). 

Shocker played a big part in Insomniac's first Spider-Man title but never physically appeared in the sequel. 

Instead, he is killed off-screen in Kraven's crusade across the Big Apple with Mary Jane being the one to come across his file on a Kraven-owned computer, with the character's iconic helmet and Shocker gloves sitting destroyed on the table beside the monitor. 


Vulture Marvel's Spider-Man PS5

Vulture/Adrian Toomes is also absent from the proceedings of Spider-Man 2, but his presence is felt. 

No, Vulture's death is not overtly shown on-screen, and he does not get a clear "DECEASED" listing like his supervillain cohort Shocker, but it is assumed the character was skilled at the hands of Kraven. 

In the same base where it is revealed Shocker is dead, Vulture's mechanized wings can be seen hanging like a trophy with a recording of Kraven describing his murder of the iconic Marvel big bad.


Electro Spider-Man 2 PS5

Also displayed as a trophy, alluding to the character being another victim of Kraven, is Max Dillon (aka Electro). 

While wandering a decrepit zoo as Mary Jane in search of Dr. Kurt Conners, the Daily Bugle investigative reporter stumbles upon the equipment of the electrified villain. 

The character was seemingly killed off-screen by Kraven the Hunter, as the Spider-Man antagonist aims to complete the ultimate hunt.

Peter Parker (Almost)

Peter Parker Death Spider-Man 2 PS5

While making it to the credits alive, Peter Parker clung to life for a brief moment in Spider-Man 2

After going up against Kraven for the first time at the abandoned zoo, Peter is mortally wounded by the brooding hunter, with the big bad stabbing his knife deep into Pete's abdomen. 

However, while things look dire, the Symbiote comes to Peter's rescue leaving Harry as a host and healing the titular wall-crawler, granting him the infamous Black Suit.


Kraven Spider-Man 2 PS5

Serving as one of the primary antagonists of Spider-Man 2 is Kraven the Hunter, and given the bloodshed seen at the hands of the dastardly killer, it was assumed Mr. Kravinoff would meet his untimely demise at some point in the sequel. 

However, how it happened was anything but expected. Instead of getting a final confrontation with Miles and/or Peter, Kraven is brought down by Harry Osborn/Venom

In a shocking twist, gamers take control of the central Symbiote and go up against the renowned hunter in Time Square. At the end of a lengthy fight, Venom picks Kraven up and puts his shark-like set of teeth to use devouring the hunter's face. 

Scream (Symbiote)

Scream Spider-Man 2 PS5

Jaws dropped and heads were turned when it was revealed toward the end of Spider-Man 2 that Venom was not the only Symbiote that was going to pop up in the sequel. 

For a brief time, the all-consuming alien goo infects Mary Jane Watson, transforming her into the Symbiotic villainess, Scream. 

However, this does not last for long, as Peter Parker takes on Scream and eradicates the Symbtioe from his one true love, seemingly killing it in the process. 

Venom (Symbiote)

Venom Spider-Man 2 PS5

After terrorizing New York City and pushing both Miles Morales and Peter Parker to their limits, Venom is ultimately taken down and thrust from the body of the ailing Harry Osborn. 

To take Venom out, Peter takes on a new Anti-Venom power set along with Miles' electricity-based abilities, hopefully removing the Symbiote from Harry without killing Harry himself.

In the Emily May Foundation, Peter, Miles, and MJ use a shard of the meteor that brought Venom to Earth, super-charging Harry's newly-built supercollider to blast the Symbiote from its host. 

Harry Osborn (Almost)

Harry Osborn Spider-Man 2 PS5

Following the removal of the Symbiote from his body, it seems as though Harry is dead (and he technically is). 

That does not last for long, though, as Miles uses his electricity powers to resuscitate Peter's longtime friend and bring the character back to life. 

Not all is solved, however. Harry may still be alive, but his degenerative disease is back and his father, Norman, looking again for another miracle cure. The last fans see of the character, he is lying in a hospital bed clinging to life, with doctors questioning if he will ever wake up. 

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is available on PlayStation 5 now. 

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