Spider-Man 2 PS5 Reveals Exact Time Critic Reactions Go Live

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Fans finally know the exact time to expect critic reactions for the upcoming PlayStation exclusive Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Insomniac Games' Spidey sequel has been a long time coming, as gamers prepare themselves for another web-slinging epic from the beloved Sony first-party studio. 

The past two entries into Insomniac's digital Marvel universe (Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales) have been watershed moments for the studio, selling more than 33 million copies worldwide and earning rave reviews as two of the most beloved superhero games on PlayStation.

So, to say Spider-Man 2 is hotly anticipated would be an understatement, especially as early reactions to the title have been as glowing as they have. 

Spider-Man 2 Review Timing Revealed

Mere weeks before Marvel's Spider-Man 2 hits store shelves, it has been revealed when critic reactions to the PlayStation epic will go live. 

According to renowned gaming journalist - and the man behind the annual Game Awards ceremony - Geoff Keighley, Spider-Man 2 reviews will drop on Monday, October 16 at 10:00 a.m. ET:

"I am in possession of a complete copy of Marvel's SPIDER-MAN 2 for PS5. Impression/review embargo on Monday, October 16 at 10:00 AM EDT."

This is four days before the game ultimately releases, giving fans more than 96 hours to ogle over these early reactions before they get to try the game for themselves. 

Early returns for the title have been stellar. The press had a chance to preview the title as a part of a series of early gameplay demo events in September. 

The Guardian's description of the game said that the wall-crawling sequel is a "smörgåsbord of small changes [that adds] up to something more substantial" and will leave gamers with "a web-eating grin:"

“In many ways, 'Spider-Man 2' feels like the PS5 itself. At first glance, it appears to be merely a bigger and shinier version of what came before, but over time, its smörgåsbord of small changes add up to something more substantial. It’s the iteration rather than innovation approach, a bigger and better successor that quietly impresses rather than blows your socks off. Yet when the result is a blockbuster this well-made, it is hard to walk away from 'Spider-Man 2' with anything less than a web-eating grin.”

IGN's Destin Legarie set the bar high, remarking he had "high hopes for Spider-Man 2" and "this preview did nothing to stifle [his] optimism:"

“New York is covered in cool things to do as Spider-Man, and while I could have pursued the main storyline with my limited time, I was just having too much fun doing all of the other little things that pulled my attention away.… I had high hopes for 'Spider-Man 2,' and this preview did nothing to stifle my optimism. I cannot wait to see what the rest of 'Spider-Man 2' has in store.”

The Gamer called the upcoming adventure "the follow-up we’ve all been waiting for:"

“'Marvel’s Spider-Man 2' is the sequel I expected, but for once that’s a good thing. The first game was one of the strongest comic book stories in recent memory with gameplay to match, and Insomiac is only taking that further with more heart, more action, and more ambition. I just hope it’s able to triumph over old open world clichés and repetitive bouts of gameplay to become the follow-up we’ve all been waiting for.”

Why Is Spider-Man 2 So Exciting?

While, of course, a new Spider-Man game from Insomniac game is inherently exciting, there are a few particulars that make Spider-Man 2 particularly so. 

As some of the previews for the title have mentioned, the wall-crawling sequel feels like a true "iteration" of the first game and the Miles Morales-centric spin-off. 

Some may see this "iteration rather than innovation" approach as a bit of a drawback, but when the foundation being built upon is so sound, why reinvent the wheel? 

These little iterative elements come in the form of new and exciting villains like Venom and Kraven, a larger New York City and new activities to take part within it, and - of course - web wings, allowing the title's pair of heroes to traverse the environment unlike ever before. 

Because of all these small additions - along with innovations using the power of the PS5 like shorter load times and better graphics - it feels like Insomniac has another critical hit on its hands. 

Marvel's Spider-Man earned an 87 on Metacritic and Miles Morales followed it up with an 85.

So, fans should expect Spider-Man 2 to hit around there when everything is said and done, with the potential to break into the low 90s should it truly blow critics away.  

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 comes to PlayStation 5 on Friday, October 20. 

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