Full Cast of So Help Me Todd Season 2 Episode 3 - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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So Help Me Todd Season 2 Episode 3 Cast Inga Schlingman, Skylar Astin, Sandra Bernhard

So Help Me Todd Season 2, Episode 3 brings Pose and American Horror Story alum Sandra Bernhard to the forefront as Belinda Tuttle.

Season 2, Episode 2 of the hit CBS series ended with tons of good news for the two protagonists. 

Margaret gained fame after winning the Sweethearts Killer case (Nate got free while Lila ended up in Jail) while Todd could soon reignite his professional career as a private investigator after helping solve a juror's credit fraud case.

So Help Me Todd Season 2, Episode 3 premiered on CBS on February 29.

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Every Main Cast Member of So Help Me Todd Season 2 Episode 3

Marcia Gay Harden - Margaret

Marcia Gay Harden as Margaret
Marcia Gay Harden

Marcia Gay Harden returns in So Help Me Todd as Margaret.

Margaret is a brilliant lawyer who pushes herself to be the best to achieve her goal of becoming a partner in her law firm.

After Episode 2 ended with a big win for Margaret, she now grapples with her new position in the company and a couple of fresh challenges, such as dealing with a tough conversation with Susan about her delayed promotion and the arrival of her new arch-rival, Belinda Tuttle.

Harden is known for her roles in The Morning Show, The Mystic River, and Into the Wild.

Skylar Astin - Todd

Skylar Astin as Todd
Skylar Astin

Skylar Astin reprises his role as Todd, Margaret's son and a private investigator who has a good track record in solving cases. 

In Episode 3, Todd introduces his former boss, Belinda Tuttle, to his mom, Margaret, which easily causes conflict in the workplace. 

Todd uses his wit and resources to prove Belinda's innocence since she is being prosecuted for manslaughter after a man was killed at a local supermarket when an entire shelf of goods dropped on him. 

Astin's notable credits include Pitch Perfect, 21 & Over, and Trollstopia.

Madeline Wise - Allison

Madeline Wise as Allison
Madeline Wise

Madeline Wise stars as Allison, Todd's sister and Margaret's daughter who works as an emergency room doctor.

While Allison is still reeling from her divorce from her husband, Episode 3 highlights how she is still there whenever her brother needs her. 

Allison accompanies Todd to figure out if the doctor involved in the case is fake or if he's in on it with the whole ordeal. 

Star Trek: Picard fans may recognize Wise for her role as Yvette Picard. The actress also has credits in Curb Your Enthusiasm, Single Drunk Female, and Crashing.

Tristen J. Winger - Lyle

Tristen J. Winger as Lyle
Tristen J. Winger

Tristen J. Winger plays Lyle, Todd's rival in the workplace and an in-house investigator in Margaret's law firm. 

Episode 3 showcases how Lyle helps in Todd's investigation (despite their differences), tracking down evidence to help clear Belinda's name.

Winger's most recognizable role is playing Baby Voice Darius in The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl. The actor also appeared in Insecure and Bigger.

Inga Schlingman - Susan

Inga Schlingman as Susan
Inga Schlingman

Inga Schlingman brings Susan to life in So Help Me Todd Season 2, Episode 3, coming in as Todd's ex-girlfriend who is now married to Peter. 

She has an important matter (her promotion) to discuss with Margaret in Episode 3, but she is cut off due to the impending arrival of Belinda at the firm. 

The fact that her promotion to Senior Associate does not sit well with Susan. 

Schlingman previously appeared in Life Coach, Take-Two, and Hawaii Five-O.

Teagan Vincze - Debbie Richards

Teagan Vincze as Debbie Richards
Teagan Vincze

One of the guest stars who appears in So Help Me Todd Season 2, Episode 3 is Teagan Vincze as Debbie Richards.

Debbie is Belinda's former assistant who testifies for the prosecution.

Vincze is known for her roles in Daughter, A Cowboy Christmas, and Resident Alien.

Sandra Bernhard - Belinda Tuttle

Sandra Bernhard as Belinda Tuttle
Sandra Bernhard

Sandra Bernhard joins the cast of So Help Me Todd Season 2 as Belinda Tuttle.

Throughout her career as a personal injury lawyer, Belinda has earned the nickname "Queen of the Courts," due to her unexpected courtroom antics and plethora of wins. 

In Episode 3, though, Belinda seeks Todd and Margaret's help after being mistaken for being the leader of a scam ring. 

Bernhard has over 90 credits to her name, with roles in The King of Comedy, Pose, American Horror Story, and Roseanne.

Miles Merry - Cory

Miles Merry as Cory
Miles Merry

Miles Merry is another guest star who appears as Cory, a supermarket employee who is part of the scam ring, in Episode 3.

Merry's notable credits include Fire Country, Firefly Lane, and Under Wraps 2.

Rosa Evangelina Arredondo - Francey

Rosa Evangelina Arredondo as Francey
Rosa Evangelina Arredondo

Rosa Evangelina Arredondo returns as Francey, Margaret's executive assistant who helps her with cases. 

Arredondo previously appeared in Still Alice, Babygirl, and Feel the Noise

Vinessa Antoine - Alex Parker

Vinessa Antoine as Alex Parker
Alex Parker 

Vinessa Antoine is back in Episode 3 as Alex Parker, Lyle's girlfriend who is also a forensic accountant. 

Parker helps Todd and Lyle uncover the truth behind settlement payments that could help clear Belinda's name.

Being Erica fans may recognize Antoine for her role as Judith Winter. The actress also appeared in Diggstown, Interrogation, and The Resident.

Heather Morris - Judy Maxon 

Heather Morris  as Judy Maxon
Heather Morris 

Heather Morris is a newcomer in the world of So Help Me Todd and she plays Judy Maxon, a new barista working in the gift shop who seems to be attracted to Todd. 

The actress' most famous role is playing Brittany in Glee, and she also has credits in Spring Breakers, The Troupe, and The Bystanders.

Chris Cope - Dr. Batten

Chris Cope as Dr. Batten
Chris Cope

Chris Cope appears in So Help Me Todd Season 2, Episode 3 as Dr. Batten, another member of the scam ring whom Todd investigates as part of his quest to prove Belinda innocent. 

Cope is known for his roles in The Irrational, Firefly Lane, and The Imperfects.

New episodes of So Help Me Todd Season 2 premiere every Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS, with new episodes dropping on Paramount+ the next day. 

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