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Rebecca Ferguson, Silo Season 2 cast

Silo is on the way back to Apple TV+ with what will surely be a shocking Season 2. 

Based on the dystopian novel by Hugh Howley, the hit streaming sci-fi series unpacks what is outside of the titular underground base.

Season 1 earned widespread acclaim from critics, warranting an 88% critic approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Silo also debuted as the No. 1 drama in the history of Apple TV+ according to Nielsen, per Deadline.

Silo Season 2: When Will It Release?

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In June 2023, Apple TV+ (via Deadline) renewed Silo for Season 2. The renewal came ahead of the Season 1 finale, indicating the confidence of the higher-ups toward it. 

Apple TV+'s head of programming Matt Cherniss offered high praise for the sci-fi series, teasing they are "so excited for more secrets of the Silo" to be revealed in Season 2:

“It has been enormously fulfilling to see the engrossing, atmospheric and beautifully crafted sci-fi epic 'Silo' quickly become Apple’s number one drama series. As audiences around the world have become gripped by the mysteries and conspiracies buried within this fascinating subterranean world, viewership only continues to climb, and we are so excited for more secrets of the silo to be revealed in Season 2.” 

Emmy-nominated screenwriter and Silo creator Graham Yost said that Season 2 is expected to "dig deeper" into the world that they introduced while also peeling back the layers of its massive ensemble: 

“We cannot wait for audiences around the world to immerse themselves in the epic world we have created to bring Hugh Howey’s novels to life. Apple has believed in our vision from day one and it’s an honor to have the opportunity to dig deeper into this story and peel back the layers to our characters in the 'Silo.'”

Filming began in June 2023, but it was halted due to job action in Hollywood that dominated much of the year. 

Lead star Rebecca Ferguson told Collider in July 2023 that they started filming "quite recently:"

"We started filming quite recently, so we are chockablock, smack back in the beginning of the shoot."

When asked if production will last for "the next many months," the Silo actress played coy and said, "I am doing this for some time in the future. Yes, sir."

Filming for Silo Season 2 resumed (via Collider) in December 2023. 

While an exact release date for the second season has not been made public, there have been hints that it could be soon.

Silo author Hugh Howey took to Threads in May 2024, telling fans he had "seen Season 2" (via ScreenRant).

That means the series is in some sort of finished state and could be a hint that the show is coming soon.

Filming on Season 2 finished in March 2024, according to star Rebecca Ferguson. While promoting her big-screen appearance in March's Dune 2, Ferguson told Collider, it was set to finish on "the eighth of March," but did not offer any updates in terms of release. 

Silo Season 1 was released in May 2023, roughly started one year after it finished filming in Q2 2023. 

Assuming that Season 2 follows a similar production pipeline, then a Season 2 release in late 2024 or early 2025 feels most likely

Silo Season 2 Cast: Who Will Return?

Based on the events of the Season 1 finale, most of the main cast members are expected to return, starting with Rebecca Ferguson's Juliette Nichols. 

Familiar faces such as exiled citizens David Oyelowo's Holston Becker and Rashida Jones' Allison Becker could also make a surprise comeback, especially after the finale shows Juliette stepping out of the Silo. 

Notable characters inside the silo will likely return as well. The underground base's head of security Robert Sims (Common) and chief deputy Chinaza Uche (Paul Billings) are at the top of the list for Season 2. 

Juliette's mother figure and mentor Martha Walker (played by Damie Harriet Walter) is also poised to return. 

Here is an overview of the expected cast list for Silo Season 2:

  • Rebecca Ferguson - Juliette Nichols
  • Tim Robbins - Bernard
  • Chinaza Uche - Paul Billings
  • Rick Gomez - Patrick Kennedy
  • David Oyelowo - Holston Becker
  • Rashida Jones - Allison
  • Avi Nash - Lukas Kyle
  • Common - Robert Sims
  • Dame Harriet Walter - Martha Walker

What Will Happen in Silo Season 2?

Silo Season 1 ends with a drastic change for Juliette Nichols. 

Throughout Season 1, Juliette has been struggling from the Silo's terrifying and ruthless leaders. After an intense clash with them, Bernard and Juliette have a conversation about the former evicting the latter from the underground base. 

Bernard reminds Juliette that everyone inside the Silo is valuable, but her continued defiance threatens the entire civilization. He has no choice, but to cast her out since she is a threat and could potentially start a revolution that would destabilize the Silo's balance. 

To set an example of what happens to citizens breaking the rules, Juliette is sent outside of the Silo, but she survives with the help of her mentor, Martha Walker, when she asked workers from the Supply to seal the sleeves of her suit so that the toxic air will not affect her. 

As Juliette enters a new chapter of her life and discovers the fact that there are many other Silos outside of their own, Season 2 could highlight these other underground bases and it could revolve around Rebecca Ferguson's character potentially recruiting them to start a rebellion against her original home. 

Speaking with The Wrap in June 2023, Ferguson said that Juliette's mindset in Season 1's final moments is to "try and get somewhere else very quickly" since she doesn't know if she will survive outside for long: 

“I don’t mean it to be a simple answer, but I find simple thoughts easier to act out. I mean, you and I can have a long conversation about the philosophy of the human mind, but I think at that moment she’s thinking, ‘Get the f–k out of there and try and get somewhere else very quickly. I have no idea that the tape is going to work.’ And I like that.”

The actress' comments hint that she would indeed meet new people along the way. Whether or not they are friends or foes is another question altogether. 

In a separate interview with Collider in July 2023, the actress teased that Season 2 will tie things together, noting that it will be "enough to satisfy your urge of the huge questions:"

"If Graham [Yost] is very good at something, it is tying knots together. It might not give you a complete answer to things, but enough to satisfy your urge of the huge questions. Then you have emotional feelings, or why or how did that happen? And you know, we might not want to answer all of those questions, down to character, as well, and our own little secrets we sit on as actors. But the way things are linked together, it's brilliantly written. Absolutely brilliant."

Other storylines that Season 2 could tackle are whether or not Martha Walker's act of defiance will be discovered by the higher-ups, the possibility of seeing more authoritative figures above the political figures of Silo-18, and the potential rise of an emerging rebellion. 

All episodes of Silo Season 1 are available to stream on Apple TV+.

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