She-Hulk's New Post-Credits Scene Has Completely Divided Fans

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She-Hulk, Megan Thee Stallion

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has taken a unique approach to the MCU's theme of including post-credits scenes, bringing a new short clip with each of the first three episodes to premiere thus far. The first two showed Jennifer Walters learning about Captain America's virginity and using her new powers to help her family move some heavy items around the house, although the one from Episode 3 has caused the biggest divide amongst fans yet.

Warning - the rest of this article contains spoilers for Episode 3 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

The third entry in She-Hulk had Jen helping her ex-colleague win a court case in which he was defrauded by a shapeshifting Asgardian who impersonated real-world Grammy-winning rapper Megan Thee Stallion. After winning the case, the MCU's version of Stallion herself showed up in the courtroom before the post-credits scene showed her twerking with Jen to celebrate.

While it's safe to say that this is a moment most MCU fans never expected to see, it's caused more discord amongst the fanbase than nearly any post-credits scene in MCU history. In fact, saying that fans "either love it or hate it" might be a massive understatement in this case.

Fans React to New She-Hulk Post-Credits Scene

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Fans have shared their reactions to the post-credits scene from Episode 3 of Marvel Studios' She-Hulk: Attorney at Law on Disney+, which featured She-Hulk twerking with Megan Thee Stallion, on social media. While some of them are overwhelmingly positive, others bring a great deal of negativity.

@HailEternal found it funny that people were claiming that the late Marvel creator Stan Lee wouldn't approve of the scene, since the comic book legend connected her deeply with pop culture upon creating her:

"People saying Stan Lee would be mad about the She-Hulk twerk as if he himself didn’t integrate her into pop culture is so funny."

@strangsupreme10 didn't see this scene coming in any way, but they loved seeing it:

"Of all of the things I thought would happen in She Hulk, Megan Thee Stallion teaching Jen how to twerk was not one of them, but I love it"

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@PLC85_ included a laughing emoji, while calling the post-credits scene "the funniest thing" that they'd ever seen before:

"Let's talk about Megan Thee Stallion and she hulk twerking (laughing emoji) that's the funniest thing I have ever seen."

@fleshthathatez shared a meme of a Barbie character falling asleep with a smile on her face, calling their life "so good" at the moment:

"Just seen she hulk twerk … my life so good rn"

Reddit user u/Acidz_123 replied to a spoiler discussion thread on Episode 3, calling She-Hulk "one of the best MCU shows" after seeing this post-credits scene. They called out the people who are angry at the scene by making it clear that the show is not taking itself seriously, even comparing it to Deadpool and saying that most fans "would be eating it right up" if Wade Wilson performed a similar joke:

"Lmfaoo this show is fucking awesome. It’s shaping up to be the one the best MCU shows for me. The episode was fantastic. The post credits scene? Fucking hilarious. To the people who are angry, I’m sorry you can’t just enjoy things lmao. If it wasn’t apparent by now, this show is NOT supposed to be serious. I bet if you put Deadpool in these situations you guys would be eating it right up."

u/Juan_Neymar10 expressed their own love for the scene, saying that it's possibly "the greatest end credit scene ever:"

"Megan thee stallion and she hulk twerking at the office might be the greatest end credit scene ever"

However, for all the positive reactions that this post-credits scene received, many fans saw it in a completely different light.

Twitter user @naagnool_ used some NSFW language while wondering what She-Hulk's writers were thinking when including this scene:

"Why is Megan Thee Stallion teaching She Hulk how to twerk? what the actual f--k...what were these writers thinking"

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@MattMaxx16 called the MCU "the most wackadoodle thing" that they've ever seen, wondering how the franchise went from terrorists kidnapping Tony Stark to a scene like this:

"The MCU is the most wackadoodle thing I've ever experienced. I've forgiven Marvel before in the past but this shit is just WILD! How did we go from a guy who gets kidnapped by terrorists to She Hulk and Megan the Stallion having a twerk off?"

@Geo_AW shared the scene in a clip and simply asked "wtf is marvel doing man."

@LivingScribe said that "Marvel needs to stop," having laughed at jokes about this scene happening but not thinking that it would actually become a reality:

"Okay, you know what. Marvel needs to stop. I have been laughing at jokes about what if she Hulk was twerking but I never thought they would actually do it"

@shankarluqman is convinced that Marvel Studios doesn't care about its product anymore after watching this post-credits scene:

"no f--king way the made she-hulk twerk with megan thee stalion. marvel really don’t give a f--k anymore"

@theashtonblaise lamented Marvel Studios for not giving She-Hulk a more interesting backstory like other MCU female superheroes, saying that Marvel likely felt that resorting to twerking and drinking shots "should be enough to sell it to feminists:"

"Gamora, Pepper, Peggy Carter, America Chavez, Okoye, Nakia, Wanda, Black Widow, and Kamala Khan all given interesting backstories and personalities. 

She Hulk: 'Eh let’s make her twerk and drink shots because ‘girl boss’. That should be enough to sell it to feminists'"

Will This Scene Turn She-Hulk Viewers Away?

Marvel Studios has made no efforts to hide the fact that She-Hulk is an all-out comedy, even with how much comedy has come throughout the MCU's entire history on the big screen and Disney+. But despite this post-credits scene fitting within that theme, it has still caused a great amount of division and debate between MCU fans who took this moment in.

Regardless of one's opinion of the show, a scene like this is well in line with She-Hulk's character from the comics, who gets into all sorts of irreverent and wacky antics on the graphic page. Whether that justification will be enough for some remains to be seen, as the She-Hulk's particularly goofy tone still seems to be a turn-off for some.

Even taking the intense discord into consideration, She-Hulk's team saw Megan Thee Stallion as the perfect choice to cameo in this series.

Director Kat Coiro shared with The Direct why Stallion was brought on for this particular episode, with Titania star bringing the rapper in through their personal friendship as the person that nobody would believe Dennis Bukowski dated. This gave star Tatiana Maslany a fun opportunity to dance with one of the most popular rappers in the world, bringing another round of somewhat meta humor into the MCU's most meta property to date.

While this series may not get another post-credits scene quite like this one, it's no crime for the MCU to let loose for a moment, especially in a nine-episode series that's already confirmed to include some major players in Marvel's future.

The first three episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law are available to stream on Disney+.

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