Marvel Fans Confess Their Crush on She-Hulk After New Episode

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Marvel fans are back in the saddle with the MCU's third Disney+ outing of the year in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, giving Tatiana Maslany her first run as Marvel Studios' Jennifer Walters.While the show has been dealing with a widely mixed range of reviews and comments about its story and work with CGI, Marvel seems to have yet another hit on its hands to help close out Phase 4.

She-Hulk is one of Marvel's first leading characters that has to be delivered using this level of special effects, with the MCU doing its best to bring the heroine accurately from the comic pages to the small screen. That work has already improved drastically since she first appeared in She-Hulk's trailers over the summer, and fans have grown to like the work that's been put forth since the series began its streaming run on August 18.

She-Hulk post-credits scene

As She-Hulk continues to bring more episodes over the next seven weeks, fans will continue to see the impressive work that the MCU's VFX team uses to make the titular heroine look the best she can. But there's also one kind of reaction that many didn't see coming in the proceedings - the She-Hulk thirst tweets.

MCU Fans Crushing on Disney+'s She-Hulk

Following the premiere of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 2 on Disney+, Marvel fans have shared their adoration for the titular heroine on social media, many of which come across as a major crush.

She-Hulk post-credits

@Pridefulsin noted that the leading character looked "hot" in the second episode's post-credits sequence:

"She-Hulk was looking hot in that post credits"

@hannahhurt commented on Jennifer Walters' transformation, calling her She-Hulk hair "long and perfectly styled and hot," but also noting that she likes Jen's regular haircut, too:

"Part of the she-hulk transformation that doesn’t sit right is that her hair completely changes and suddenly becomes long and perfectly styled and hot. I like her regular curly hair"

@HelseyHeath2001 wanted to show respect, but also couldn't help herself from saying how hot she thinks She-Hulk is:

"Just have to do this cuz I'm a simp... She's so fucking hot. Respectfully ofc."

@redrocx asked if it was weird to "find Jen incredibly hot" when she's fully Hulked out:

“Is it weird to find Jen incredibly hot in her She-Hulk form, asking for a friend”

@Hotstuff_002 put it simply by saying they find Tatiana Maslany's heroine "so damn hot:"

“She-Hulk is so damn hot”

@LaLoba_666 admitted that they have a hard time watching She-Hulk with the leading character being "way too hot:"

“I can't watch this show, she-hulk is way too hot.”

@grant_capree shared a GIF of Jensen Ackles from Supernatural with a flustered expression on his face, calling She-Hulk "unnecessarily hot:"

“Yo… She-Hulk unnecessarily hot.”

@ItzAshess asked if anybody else thought She-Hulk was hot, saying they might be "in love" after watching the show for the first time:

“Is it just me or is she-hulk hot as shit

Just watched for the first time and I think I'm in love tbh”

@SmashTriviaJohn shared images of She-Hulk from the Episode 2 post-credits scene, calling her "perfection" and a "green goddess:"

“She's literally perfection! She's a green goddess!”

Even The Direct's own Matt Roembke wanted to check how fans were feeling, admitting that he was "developing a crush" on the MCU's newest leading hero:

“CGI temperature check.  I’m developing a crush on She-Hulk.”

She-Hulk - The MCU Fandom's New Crush

She-Hulk hasn't shied away from the, shall we say, thirstier side of its story, with the leading character being a 30-something woman who's trying to continue living a normal everyday life while being a superhero. She nearly even gave the MCU its first F-bomb when she found out that Captain America wasn't a virgin after her comments about his rear end.

This is even the same series that used Tinder for an official promotional ad, which Jen will likely be using later when she goes on the dates that fans saw in She-Hulk's first trailer.

All that being said, it's quite entertaining to see just how many fans are sharing their crush on She-Hulk after seeing her fully embrace her superpowers in the first two episodes. This particularly came into play after seeing her easily help her parents move about half a dozen water jugs, showing the simpler side of what it is to be a Hulk.

The only question now is how this thirsty trend will continue over the last seven episodes, especially with Jennifer Walters appearing in her Hulk form on a much more regular basis.

The first two episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law are now available to stream on Disney+. 

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