Marvel Studios Releases Creepy New Trailer for Disney+'s Secret Invasion

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A new teaser for Samuel L. Jackson's upcoming MCU Disney+ project, Secret Invasion, is out, and it leans into some notably creepy vibes.

The upcoming Marvel series looks to give fans a unique experience, as it is set to be a little more adult-oriented than some recent MCU fare.

Many have been quick to point out how the espionage thriller's teasers distinctly remind them of the beloved Captain America: The Winter Soldier, playing into the feeling of paranoia people feel in the modern world. 

Even star Emilia Clarke teased that audiences "can't fathom" what will be in store for them when the show lands.

Secret Invasion Gets A Creepy Trailer

Marvel Studios released a creepy new teaser for Secret Invasion on Twitter, which asked fans an important question.

The trailer focuses on a nondescript crowd of people, first asking: "What if the ones closest to us..." 

Secret Invasion

The next two shots finish the question: "who we've trusted our whole lives... were someone else entirely?"

Secret Invasion

The teaser ends with another query for fans, which is the crux of the series: "... what if they weren't even human?"

Secret Invasion

The full trailer spot can be watched below:

Secret Invasion Is Just Around the Corner

By the time Secret Invasion arrives, it will be over eight months since the last MCU Disney+ show ended. Needless to say, fans are antsy about getting their next Marvel Studios fix on the Disney-owned streamer.

For those who think the show won't be important to the wider MCU, think again. Samuel L. Jackson previously confirmed how this series "has to happen so that The Marvels can happen."

It's also been touted on multiple occasions that James Rhodes is a key part of the story, and the events relating to his character will set him up for his next project: Armor Wars.

Secret Invasion lands on Disney+ on June 21.

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