‘You Can’t Fathom It’: Emilia Clarke Teases Her Marvel Debut In New Video

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In a new promo, Emilia Clarke hyped Secret Invasion's surprises and her MCU debut. 

Premiering June 21 on Disney+, Secret Invasion is a paranoid espionage-style thriller where Nick Fury returns to Earth to deal with a faction of shape-shifting Skrulls.  

Joining Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury and Ben Mendelsohn's Talos is Solo: A Star Wars Story and Game of Thrones star, Emilia Clarke, in her first Marvel Studios role.

Now, weeks away from the Disney+ series debut, Clarke had a few words to say about what she and Secret Invasion have in store.

Emilia Clarke Talks 'The Heart' of Secret Invasion

Emilia Clarke, Secret Invasion

In a newly released featurette, Emilia Clarke teased Secret Invasion's twists and turns, saying, "You can't predict it."

Following a scene where Nick Fury questions Rhodey about this knowledge of his security detail, Clarke is shown behind the scenes where she sums up the Disney+ series with “This idea of who can you trust? That is really the heart of the show.”

Later on in the promo, she suggests that the series won't only keep its characters guessing, but the audience too:

“You can’t predict it, and you can’t preempt it. And you can’t fathom it until it happens.”

To what extent these surprises involve her own character of G'iah remains to be seen. 

However, Clarke's thrill-filled comments concerning the series are nothing new.

Following the release of Secret Invasion's first trailer, the actress took to Instagram, sharing her own love for the show and the opportunity to be part of the MCU:

“Jeeeze Louise, Marvel let me into their world…Their world that includes SAMUEL L FREAKING JACKSON! OLIVIA COLEMAN! BEN MENDELSOHN! Can’t believe they let me and my star struckness near this much talent, I also can’t believe I managed to get words out without dissolving into a fangurl. But here we are, and I really think you’re gonna like it.. I sure do”

The full featurette featuring Clarke's comments can be watched below, with her comments starting at the 1:42 mark:

How Emilia Clarke's MCU Character Shocked Fans

It seems safe to say that Secret Invasion will be a guessing game from start to finish. 

While Marvel Studios is keeping much of the story under wraps, it's worth noting that Emilia Clarke's own character has already surprised fans as her character, G'iah, is no stranger to the MCU.

In fact, G'iah first appeared in 2019's '90s-era Captain Marvel as Talos' young daughter. 

However, from what Marvel has shared thus far, it sounds like, the Skrull father-daughter duo may be on opposite sides this time around. 

Still, it's hard to say just what Secret Invasion has in store for these Captain Marvel characters because, as Emilia Clarke fairly warned, "You can't predict" what's around the corner. 

All fans do know is that the actress is clearly excited about her experience and this new MCU story, and her vote of confidence is likely to contribute to fan anticipation.

Secret Invasion debuts Wednesday, June 21 on Disney+.

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