Scott Pettigrew Now: Where Is 'Worst Roommate Ever' Criminal In 2024?

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Scott Pettigrew's whereabouts in 2024 have been questioned thoroughly ever since his shocking story was unpacked in Netflix's Worst Roommate Ever.

Worst Roommate Ever tells different true stories of murder focused on roommates gone rogue as they kill unsuspecting victims violently. 

Season 2 of the docuseries premiered on Netflix on June 26. 

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What Did Worst Roommate Ever's Scott Pettigrew Do?

Scott Pettigrew in Worst Roommate Ever Season 2
Scott Pettigrew

In 2016, Scott Pettigrew moved in with Anita Mamie Cowen. While he was a harmless roommate at first, things took a turn after he stopped paying rent, and it went from bad to worse after he trashed Anita's home. 

Cowen tried to evict Pettigrew from her house, with her even seeking help from the Riverdale County Sheriff's Department to present him with a restraining order for Scott to distance himself at least five yards away from Cowen. 

The elderly woman stated in the docuseries that she was "being terrorized daily in [her] own home" and she needed help because it had been "escalating" every day. 

Despite the restraining order, Judge James A. Cox did not require Pettigrew to move out because he did not exhibit violent behavior toward the old lady, much to Cowen's surprise. 

The restraining order did not stop Pettigrew from murdering Cowen four days after it was issued, with authorities finding Cowen's dead body floating in her swimming pool with cuts and bruises all over her face and body. 

Law enforcement found Pettigrew inside the house, with him naked and covered in scratches. While he tried to pin the blame on Cowen's former roommate Darrell, it did not work because they had solid evidence against him (a fake alibi and a digital audio recording of the altercation) which led to his eventual arrest. 

Where Is Worst Roommate Ever's Scott Pettigrew Today?

Detective Holloway said in Worst Roommate Ever Season 2, Episode 2 that he believes that the motive behind Pettigrew's murder of Cowen was the eviction of his dogs, noting that it "provoked that extreme emotional response" from him which led to disastrous results.

Scott Pettigrew pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder, elder abuse, and violating a protective order on August 29, 2019. 

Pettigrew's attempt to go scot-free did not go well after his lawyers failed to convince the jury. He was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. 

State records (via California Incarcerated Records and Information Search) show that Pettigrew is currently an inmate at California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison and he will be eligible for parole starting in April 2033. 

Worst Roommate Ever is now streaming on Netflix.

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