Jamison Bachman Now: Where Is 'Worst Roommate Ever' Criminal In 2024?

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The case of serial squatter-turned-murder Jamison Bachman was explored in the Netflix docuseries Worst Roommate Ever.

What Did Worst Roommate Ever's Jamison Bachman Do?

Jamison Bachman
Jamison Bachman

Armed with a law degree, Jamison Bachman was a serial squatter moving between rental homes and avoiding paying as a legal tenant at all costs. He was known to have an expert knowledge of tenancy laws due to his legal experience and used that to move from home to home without paying rent.

He went by the fake name "Jed Creek" and terrorized roommates across the East Coast of the United States. His first victim came in 2006 when he moved in with Arleen Hairabedian, who he had been casually dating and initially stated would only be staying with for two months which quickly turned into four years.

After Hairabedian filed an eviction notice against Bachman in 2010, he turned violent before falsely accusing her of threatening him with a knife. This saw her banned from entering her own home and Bachman took her pets to kill shelters during her absence from the residence.

He continued hopping from home to home for seven years before landing in the upscale Philidelphia apartment of Alex Miller in 2017. Going by his "Jed Creek" alias, Bachman put on a front of needing to care for a sick family member in Philadelphia and paid the first month's rent upfront to his new friend.

According to Screen Rant, Bachman's behavior became increasingly strange, avoiding paying utility bills, stealing lightbulbs, and forming a desk from dining room chairs, all while refusing to pay rent on the property.

After Miller uncovered the true identity of "Jed Creek," she and her mother threw a "send-off" house party for the serial squatter, displaying pictures of his past victims and playing rap music (which he actively disliked) to force him out.

Where Is Worst Roommate Ever's Jamison Bachman in 2024?

Just one day after the house party, Jamison Bachman returned to the home of Alex Miller to stab her in the thigh, leading to his arrest. But this was just the start to his violent spree which escalated when he was bailed out of jail by his brother Harry.

After leaving jail on June 17, 2017, Bachman returned to Miller's home to collect his belongings and told her, "You're dead b***h." For this threat, he was arrested once again only to be bailed out by his brother Harry once again, who still refused to let Bachman stay in his home.

On November 3, 2017, Bachman beat his brother Harry to death, stole his credit card, and fled the scene to a local hotel just seven miles away. The police were altered when Harry failed to meet his wife and his body was found at the bottom of his basement stairs.

While Bachman was quickly arrested, he never made it to trial, as he took his life by hanging himself in his jail cell just one month later on December 8, 2017.

As reported by Intelligencer, Alex Miller told how she "[feels] responsible" for the death as he may simply have been "desperate:"

"I feel responsible for all of it. I wanted him to suffer, but she couldn't help but feel guilty for the tragic way things had turned out. "What if he just wanted somewhere to stay and he showed up and his brother said he didn't want him there and it escalated? What if he was desperate? Here I am, making excuses."

Worst Roommate Ever is streaming now on Netflix.

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