Here's When School Spirits Season 2's Release Is Now Expected to Happen

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Peyton List, School Spirits

Thanks to its filming schedule, fans may know when to expect the release of School Spirits Season 2.

Starring Peyton List and Kristian Ventura, School Spirits first premiered on March 9, 2023 on Paramount+.

The series follows a girl named Maddie who recently died in her school. However, not aware at first that she passed, she must go on an investigative journey to discover exactly how she passed away.

When Will School Spirits Season 2 Be Released?

Peyton List in School Spirits
School Spirits

In June 2023, Paramount+ officially renewed School Spirits for a Season 2.

More recently, star Peyton List was asked via Instagram for any updates regarding Season 2, to which she responded, "It is coming. I promise."

However, due to her filming the sixth and final season of Netflix's Cobra Kai at the time, her schedule was full.

Kristian Ventura, who plays Simon in the show, spoke to The Direct at the end of 2023. While he wasn't positive when Season 2 would start filming, he predicted it would be sometime in the summer:

"You know, everyone's operating on their own schedules... They are writing the series. My best prediction is we're all going to be in Vancouver in the summer. And it's going to take a couple months for the writers to get back into the room and hash out the second season. I think we're looking at a summer start date."

However, it is important to mention that The Union of British Columbia Performers (abbreviated as UBCP/ACTRA) officially listed that School Spirits Season 2 will begin filming on June 17 and last until September 5 (nearly three months).

Season 1 followed a similar filming schedule, also shooting for three months from August 2022 until November 2022 before the show was officially released five months later in March 2023.

So, if Season 2 runs along those same lines, fans can expect it to be released sometime in early 2025.

What Will Happen in School Spirits Season 2?

School Spirits Season 2 will have many plotlines to explore, but none will likely be as dire as getting Maddie to switch back into her real body so that she can swap places with Janet.

The dynamic between Maddie and the rest of the spirits will also likely play a major role in Season 2 as they try to figure out and plan how to get Maddie to switch places with Janet.

Of course, Maddie and Simon's relationship also has much potential to become an even bigger thread in Season 2, so all eyes will be on both in the upcoming installment.

Season 1 of School Spirits is streaming on Paramount+ and Netflix, and Season 2 will begin production on June 17.

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