School Spirits: Here's How Wally Died

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Milo Manheim as Wally in School Spirits

How exactly did Milo Manheim’s Wally end up dying in School Spirits?

While the show follows Peyton List’s Maddie Nears, she isn't the only one stuck in the afterlife. Maddie is joined by others, including Wally, Rhonda, Charlie, and Mr. Martin.

Each of them has their own haunting story as to the events around their deaths. Charlie died from his peanut allergy, Rhonda was strangled, and Mr. Martin died in a mysterious fire.

As for Wally, his untimely demise happened on the football field.

Here's How Wally Died in School Spirits

Milo Manheim as Wally in School Spirits
Milo Manheim

Wally Clark was born in the mid-1950s and tragically lost his life in the fall of 1983.

The moment in question occurred during the homecoming football game. While pulling off a play, Wally heard his neck snap and never came off the field—at least, as a living person.

This is why the homecoming event is still important for the character, made clear to audiences during "Grave the Last Dance".

What also makes Wally's tragic accident worse is that, at the end of the day, he didn't even love playing football. Instead, he did it to make his mom happy, something he still thinks about.

At the very least, Wally knew that he was voted the Homecoming King his senior year before he died.

What's Next for Wally in Season 2?

There’s still plenty of story to be told about Wally.

For one, there's his crush on Maddie Nears. While their romance has only been touched upon briefly, perhaps it’ll be given more room to grow now that Simon is temporarily out of the picture.

The show is not close to finished exploring Wally's baggage relating to his mother and football as a whole. Maybe the stage will be set for Milo Manheim’s character to be the next to properly move on as Dawn did.

First, though, Wally and the rest of the afterlife gang must figure out what’s up with Mr. Martin. Thankfully, a second season is on the way—eventually.

School Spirits is now streaming on Paramount+ and Netflix.

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