Robert Pattinson's The Batman Spinoff Show Loses Showrunner From Creative Differences

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal Posted:
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Matt Reeves' The Batman is easily one of the most anticipated DCEU films due to the director's fresh new take on the Dark Knight. In August, the previously-released first trailer received positive acclaim from fans and critics, providing fans with a glimpse of Robert Pattinson's Caped Crusader as well as the latest version of Gotham City.

It's clear that The Batman is poised to redefine the world's greatest detective in a surprising way, but what's more shocking is the impending arrival of a brand new HBO Max series set within the confines of the 2022 film, seemingly asserting the confidence of Warner Bros. toward the project.

It's been revealed that the aforementioned prequel series will dive deep into Gotham's corruption, placing the city's police department front and center. While this might be the same premise of Fox's previous Gotham show, the main difference is that the series will take place during "Year One" of Pattinson's Batman.

Aside from that, plot details about the Gotham-centric series are still being kept under wraps. However, a brand new report has presented a major setback for The Batman 's companion TV show.


The Hollywood Reporter shared in a report that Terence Winter ( The Boardwalk Empire ) has departed the Gotham-focused HBO Max series as showrunner due to "creative differences." The outlet's sources revealed that Winter's vision for the drama "did not match" what The Batman director Matt Reeves and other producers had in mind.

It was also reported that a "search is under way" for a new showrunner for the HBO Max drama series.


As it is, Winter's exit doesn't bode well for the upcoming spinoff series. On top of that, the report that the main reason behind his departure was due to "creative differences" essentially means that there is behind-the-scenes drama surrounding The Batman 's spinoff series.

Still, it was clear during DC FanDome that Reeves has an intended vision not just for The Batman , but for the entire franchise as well. On the flip side, this development means that Winter is not onboard with the narrative trajectory of the series, and it's now up to HBO Max and WarnerMedia to find someone who can collaborate with Reeves and the rest of the producers.

Since the series is similar to Fox's Gotham series being part of a larger film universe, these reasons could potentially be the main focus of Winter's departure. However, this shouldn't derail the momentum of the upcoming HBO Max series since it presents an opportunity for the producers to regroup and think more about the direction of the prequel show.

Whatever the case, the Gotham PD show presents an exciting new chapter for The Batman , and only time will tell how the prequel series will help move the franchise forward.

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