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Robert Downey Jr. Confirms His Marvel Cinematic Universe Commitment Is Over

Tony Stark with Avengers from Infinity War poster
By Richard Nebens

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is patiently waiting for its epic return to both cinemas and the small screen with at least 16 new projects confirmed for the next few years . This is also going to introduce dozens of new megastars to the franchise for the very first time.

As the MCU moves toward its future, the time has also come to say goodbye to some of the original heroes that started the series so beautifully . This includes a few of the first original stars that came on the scene as early as 2008. One of the biggest of those stars has just confirmed that his commitment to the MCU is over, leading fans to believe that they have seemingly seen the last of his character in Marvel movies...


In a new interview on the SmartLess Podcast, via , Iron Man star Robert Downey, Jr. has confirmed that he has completed his time playing Tony Stark. He replied with a simple “that’s all done” when discussing any potential future MCU obligations.


While Tony Stark was the debut hero introduced in the MCU in 2008, Downey’s time in the franchise seemingly came to an end after his sacrifice via Infinity Gauntlet to save the universe in Avengers: Endgame . He has said on a couple other occasions how anything is possible on a return to the series, but his decision does seem close to final after starring or providing cameos in ten different films.

Now, just because Downey says "that's all done" doesn't necessarily mean that we've seen the last of Downey's Stark in the MCU. It's likely that the actor was referring to his contract with Marvel Studios as being "all done," and so the possibility remains that Downey could sign back up with a single-appearance deal.

Downey carried the MCU on his back for eleven years as the genius/playboy/billionaire/philanthropist, renewing his contract on two separate occasions after leading the Iron Man trilogy , and he helped lay the foundation for everything that has come since. Serving as the star of stars for so long, he has earned the right to hang up the arc reactor and he should be praised and commended for his incredible work over the years.