Disney+ Releases MCU's Iron Man Armor Evolution Video

By Richard Nebens Posted:
Iron Man in front of suit collection

With the production for the Marvel Cinematic Universe's post-Infinity Saga projects still at a slow crawl , fans are spending countless hours enjoying the nearly two dozen movies already released and available to watch at home. This is being helped out by Disney+, which has spent the past few months collecting the streaming rights of 20 of the first 23 movies in the MCU's storied history (not including The Incredible Hulk from Universal or either Spider-Man movie from Sony).

The streaming service is helping promote these blockbusters on a regular basis, which includes a brand new one centered around the franchise's debut leading man.


In a new promotional video , Disney+ has released a minute-long look at thirteen different Iron Man suits featured in action in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Including every suit from Iron Man to Avengers: Endgame , the video cycles through the incredible suits Tony Stark made and used as Iron Man, showing just how much his tech and imagination evolved during his fifteen years serving as a hero.

The video gives great detail on exactly which film each suit made its debut in and what number each suit has been labeled, from Mark 1 to Mark 85. With how successful the Iron Man franchise has been both in starting the MCU off and giving the mega-franchise a hero to build around, it's clear that the Marvel Studios visual team put in so much effort making sure that Tony's tech evolved at the same rate he did as a man, if not faster.

With Tony Stark's story coming to an end in Avengers: Endgame , it is still a mystery as to how exactly this technology will live on in the MCU's future. There are constant rumors floating around that Iron Heart will make her way in , and there is always the potential for Pepper and Morgan Stark to continue the legacy of the Earth's original mightiest hero.

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