Full Cast of Ren Faire HBO: Meet the Real People In New Documentary (Photos)

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Ren Faire cast members

HBO docuseries Ren Faire featured a cast of the real people behind the Texas Renaissance Festival.

The three-part Max docuseries recounted the power struggle at the Texas Renaissance Festival after founder George Coulam announced his retirement, spurring a contest for leadership to reshape the event in their vision.

Every Main Cast Member of Max's Ren Faire

George Coulam

Ren Faire, George Coulam

George and his brother David Coulman founded the Texas Renaissance Festival in 1974. But after David passed away in 2017, George was left preparing to step aside from his sole leadership and searching for a successor at age 86.

Amidst his retirement, Coulman talks in Ren Faire about the preparations he is making for his death, including predicting his final age as 95. He also expressed his frustrations with the government telling him when and how he can die, noting an interest in an assisted suicide clinic in Switzerland.

While Coulman once played the role of the king at the Texas Renaissance Festival, he plans to spend his final years of life creating art, pursuing female companionship, and tending his garden. 

During the show, he mentioned his search for companionship and described his type as "a nice thin lady between 30 and 50 years old." Coulman even went into his profiles on online dating sites including those offering to be a sugar daddy.

Jeffrey Baldwin

Ren Faire, Jeffrey Baldwin

Jeffrey Baldwin is the general manager of the Texas Renaissance Festival who manages the day-to-day operations. He describes himself in Ren Faire as the "head Oompa Loompa" to George Coulman's Willy Wonka of the festival.

Like Wonka, Baldwin spoke about how Coulman has "built a world of pure imagination." While he was clear the Texas Renaissance Faire "makes a lot of money," he is instead motivated by the magic of the fantasy re-enactment.

He mentions how he has been a performer at the historical event for the last 17 years and the entertainment director for the "last quarter of a century."

Louie Migliaccio

Ren Faire, Louie Migliaccio

Louie Migliaccio is the Lord of Corn at the Texas Renaissance Festival, who serves hot and fresh kettle corn to attendees as the owner of Newworld Kettle Corn. He also owns Dragonslayer Souveniers, Champion Rickshaws, Davinci Dots Ice Cream, and Wyrmwood Public House. 

Migaliaccio reveals some forward-thinking ideas for the Faire during the docuseries, proposing the notion of EDM festivals, a university, and using new and immersive technology to "elevate [their] game."

It is quickly clear that Migaliaccio is a through-and-through businessman, saying how some of those behind the festival are afraid of change but he is eager to move things forward to make more money. He even shared his own feelings on the "beauty" behind capitalism:

"It seems like capitalism has a negative connotation nowadays. But I don't see the negativity in it, I see the beauty in it."

Darla Smith

Ren Faire, Darla Smith

Darla Smith is the vendor coordinator for the festival and is among those in attendance at the King's Advisory Council, which looks to be a group of the highest-ranking employees who work closest to George and Jeffrey. 

Brandi Baldwin

Ren Faire, Brandi Baldwin

Not only is Brandi Baldwin an employee of the Texas Renaissance Festival, she is also the wife of George Coulman's heir-apparent Jeffrey Baldwin.

Lauren Croft

Ren Faire, Lauren Croft

Lauren Croft is the assistant general manager for the Texas Renaissance Festival. 

Croft is shown to have great loyalty for Jeffrey, admiring his vision and passion for the festival. She talks about how Jeffrey "molded her to be the assistant he needed" and will always watch his back.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Croft started at the festival as a director's assistant from 2014 to 2022 before jumping up to assistant general manager. It now has her listed as an entertainment and graphic arts assistant as of 2024.

Ren Faire Episode 1 is streaming now on Max, Episodes 2 and 3 will premiere on HBO on Sunday, June 9.

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