Parasyte: The Grey Season 2 Tease Explained: Will More Episodes Get Released?

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Parasyte The Grey

Parasyte: The Grey Season 1 ended with a shocking cameo that sets up an exciting Season 2 if Netflix moves forward with a renewal. 

Parasyte: The Grey chronicles the same parasitic invasion in the original manga, Parasyte, written by Hitoshi Iwaaki. 

Instead of focusing on the high-stakes invasion of Japan, the newly-released six-episode series centered around new characters, a different location (South Korea), but the same enemy. 

Parasyte: The Grey premiered on Netflix on April 5. 

Parasyte: The Grey Season 1 Ending Explained

Jeon So Nee as Su-in
Jeon So Nee

Jeong Su-in, alongside Kang-woo and Hyung-hee (his sister who has been taken over by a parasite), had an intense clash against Pastor Kwon Hyuk-joo (disguised as police officer Chol Min) in the music festival as they ventured to stop him from taking over the body of the city mayor. 

While Hyung-hee sacrificed herself to save her friends and her host's brother, Sui-in and the rest managed to defeat the Pastor, putting an end to his reign of terror and proving that Heidi (the parasite inside Sui-in) is on the side of the humans. 

Jun-Kyung, who had an intense hate towards the parasites after they killed her sister, decided to not arrest Su-in since she believed that she was more human despite having Heidi inside her. This step served as Jun-Kyung's closure when it came to accepting the death of her sister. 

Su-in then joined Team Grey as a human/parasite hybrid tasked to take down rogue parasites across South Korea. 

Kang-woo, a former gang member and eventual hero, also joined the cause of Team Grey, giving him a fresh start and cementing himself as a good person. 

Will Netflix Release Parasyte: The Grey Season 2? Major Cameo Explained

Masaki Suda as Shinichi in Parasyte: The Grey
Masaki Suda

Parasyte: The Grey's ending included a lot of twists and turns, an epic battle, and a satisfying resolution that sets up huge ramifications for a possible Season 2. 

In the final moments of the finale, Shinichi Izumi (Masaki Suda) entered the picture to offer assistance to Jun-Kyung and Team Grey in getting rid of the parasites in Korea. 

Fans may instantly recognize the fact that Shinichi Izumi is the protagonist of Parasyte, meaning that Parasyte: The Grey is both a sequel and a spin-off of the manga. 

The final scene sets up a lot of interesting storyline possibilities for a potential Season 2, such as catching up with what happened to Shinichi after the events of the manga (he is much older now), a highly-anticipated team-up between him and Su-in, and the arrival of many dangerous enemies.

There is a strong chance that an announcement is imminent, but at the end of the day, it would entirely depend on the viewership numbers and fan demand for Season 2. 

Still, Netflix would have not included that major cameo in the end if there were no plans to greenlight the show's sophomore run. 

Hopefully, Netflix does renew Parasyte: The Grey for at least one more season since there are endless possibilities for which the story can go especially after Shinichi Izumi's arrival.

All episodes of Parasyte: The Grey are now streaming on Netflix.

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