Olivia Rodrigo Jesus Shirt Controversy Explained

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Olivia Rodrigo Jesus shirt

An outfit featuring a Jesus shirt put singer Olivia Rodrigo in the middle of major controversy following a recent concert.

The Controversy Behind Olivia Rodrigo's Jesus Shirt

Three-time Grammy award-winning singer Olivia Rodrigo is currently dealing with backlash from a controversial outfit she briefly wore at her June 18 show from her GUTS World Tour at Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona, Spain.

Olivia Rodrigo holding Jesus shirt in Barcelona concert
Olivia Rodrigo

A fan from the audience gave Rodrigo a shirt that featured the body of the religious figure Jesus Christ, but it had Rodrigo's face imposed over Jesus'.

Rodrigo put the shirt on and sang "favorite crime" from her debut album, sitting on stage with her lead guitarists as fans belted out the lyrics with her.

Olivia Rodrigo wearing Jesus shirt in Barcelona concert
Oliva Rodrigo

Seeing Rodrigo put this shirt on left many disappointed due to the strong religious imagery associated with putting her face on Jesus' body. Many called the act sacrilegious for those deeply passionate about Christianity and their faith.

However, many fans are defending her decision to wear the shirt while singing onstage, commenting on how she is a young adult and how the shirt was merely a gift from a fan.

The full video of her performance in the Jesus shirt can be seen below:

This is not the first controversy centered on Rodrigo's actions.

In March 2024 (per Yahoo), following abortions being more strictly regulated in Missouri after the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Rodrigo distributed condoms and Plan B as a way to promote women's reproductive rights. 

Per The Hollywood Reporter, she also faced allegations of plagiarism after Taylor Swift and Paramore got half of the credits and royalties for two of her songs, "Deja Vu" and "Good 4 U." 

This led many to believe Swift and Rodrigo had a falling out with each other, which has not appeared to be true as they have both celebrated each other's music publicly.

Rodrigo is currently pushing forward with her GUTS World Tour, performing next on July 19 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The tour continues through October 2, ending in Singapore.

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