Main Cast of JLo's This Is Me Now Movie - 19 Celebs & Actors Who Appear (Zodiac & More)

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Here’s a comprehensive list of the cast and celebrities included in Jennifer Lopez’s new unique and narrative-driven musical story from Amazon Studios, This Is Me... Now.

The project is meant to not only showcase Lopez’s newest album of the same name, but its story explores her own experience chasing love throughout her life while also showcasing on how important self-love is.

Cast and Characters of This Is Me… Now

Jennifer Lopez - Artist

Jennifer Lopez as Artist in This Is Me... Now
Amazon Prime Video

Playing the Artist in the spotlight, searching for love and their romantic fate, is none other than Jennifer Lopez herself.

J. Lo has a number of upcoming films, including Atlas, Kiss of the Spider Woman, The Godmother, and more.

Ben Affleck - Rex Stone/Biker

Ben Affleck as Rex Stone in This Is Me... Now
Amazon Prime Video

Jennifer Lopez’s current husband, Ben Affleck, makes sure to get a few moments on screen in This Is Me… Now as Rex Stone, also known as Biker.

Affleck was once Zack Snyder’s Batman for the DCEU. Some other recent projects featuring Affleck include Air, Hypnotic, and The Last Duel.

Trevor Noah - Libra

Trevor Noah as Libra in This Is Me... Now
Amazon Prime Video

Comedian and film star Trevor Noah plays the friendly Zodiac, Libra.

Noah was the host of The Daily Show for over one thousand episodes from 2015 to 2022.

Jane Fonda - Sagittarius

Jane Fonda as Sagittarius in This Is Me... Now
Amazon Prime Video

Meant to be one of the more philosophical Zodiac members, Jane Fonda plays Sagittarius.

Fonda recently provided her voice for Ruby Gillman: Teenage Kraken, where she played Grandmamah.

Post Malone - Leo

Post Malone as Leo in This Is Me... Now
Amazon Prime Video

The beloved musician Post Malone dresses up as Leo for J. Lo's new musical narrative.

Malone is mostly known for his career in the music industry, but he has done some work for film, including voicing Ray Fillet in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem.

Keke Palmer - Scorpio

Keke Palmer as Scorpio in This Is Me... Now
Amazon Prime Video

Portraying the strong, independent Scorpio is fan-favorite actress Keke Palmer.

Palmer starred in 2022’s horror flick Nope and can next be heard in Amazon Studios’ animated series The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy.

Sofia Vergara - Cancer

Sophia Vergara as Cancer in This Is Me... Now
Amazon Prime Video

Cancer, the Zodiac, not the sickness, is embodied by Sofia Vergara.

Vergara is mostly known for her time playing Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in Modern Family, but most recently, she also starred in the Netflix series Griselda.

Jenifer Lewis - Gemini

Jenifer Lewis as Gemini in This Is Me... Now
Amazon Prime Video

Gemini, another member of the Zodiac council, is played by Jenifer Lewis.

Lewis’ voice brought Mama Odie to life in Disney Animation’s The Princess & The Frog, and the actress can also be heard in Monsters at Work, Mickey Mouse Funhouse, The Ghost and Molly McGee, and more.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson - Taurus

Neil DeGrasse Tyson as Taurus in This Is Me... Now
Amazon Prime Video

Neil DeGrasse Tyson plays the Zodiac Taurus.

Tyson is most known for his voice in the scientific community as one of the world's leading astrophysicists, and he also led projects such as Nova and Nova ScienceNow.

Idaliz Cristan - Flower Farmer

Idaliz Cristian as Flower Farmer in This Is Me... Now
Amazon Prime Video

True to her name, Idaliz Cristan’s Flower Farmer is a botanist of sorts.

Cristan has a small list of onscreen credits, which also includes Star-Crossed: The Film.

Fat Joe - Therapist

Fat Joe as Therapist in This Is Me... Now
Amazon Prime Video

Throughout the film, Jennifer Lopez’s Artist speaks to Fat Joe’s Therapist.

Fat Joe is mostly known for his work as a rapper and hip-hop musician, but he can also be seen in projects such as She’s Gotta Have It and Happy Feet.

Matthew Law - The Cynic/Mike

Matthew Law as Mike in This Is Me... Now
Amazon Prime Video

The Cynic, also known as Mike, is played by Matthew Law.

Law is likely familiar to many due to his roles in Boy Meets World, Mrs. Doubtfire, and The Hot Chick.

Brandon Delsid - The Lover

Brandon Delsid as The Lover in This Is Me... Now
Amazon Prime Video

Brandon Delsid is The Lover, arguably the most relevant archetype to Jennifer Lopez’s high-concept project.

The actor can also be seen in The Date Whisperer and New Amsterdam.

Alix Angelis - The Quiet One

Alix Angelis as The Quiet One in This Is Me... Now
Amazon Prime Video

Alix Angelis’ The Quiet One doesn’t speak very much, which isn’t too surprising given her name—though she gets some solid screen time.

Angelis can next be seen in Lionsgate's upcoming horror movie Imaginary.

Malcolm Kelner - The Realist

Malcolm Kelner as The Realist in This Is Me... Now
Amazon Prime Video

Malcolm Kelner plays the Realist.

Kelner can also be seen in Welcome to Chippendales.

Ashley Versher - The Idealist

Ashley Versher as The Idealist in This Is Me... Now
Amazon Prime Video

Ashley Versher embodies The Idealist in Jennifer Lopez’s tale.

#LoveMyRoomie, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and PillowTalk are just a few projects the actress has been in.

Danielle Larracuente - The Fighter

Danielle Larracuente as The Fighter in This Is Me... Now
Amazon Prime Video

Another archetype, The Fighter, is portrayed by Danielle Larracuente.

Larracuente can also be seen in Bosch: Legacy, Station 19, and This Is Us.

Gilbert Saldivar - The New Guy

Gilbert Saldivar as The New Guy in This Is Me... Now
Amazon Prime Video

Gilbert Saldivar plays The New Guy, one of the first romantic partners with which the Artist interacts after the motorcycle accident.

Audiences can see Saldivar in Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood, Dexter, and East Los High.

Derek Hough - Husband 2

Derek Hough as Husband 2 in This Is Me... Now
Amazon Prime Video

After The New Guy, The Artist gets married to a few men back-to-back, one of which being Derek Hough’s Husband 2.

Hough is currently a judge for Dancing With the Stars.

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This Is Me... Now is now streaming on Prime Video.

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